Snowy Trail Runs

Earlier this week I definitely felt needless guilt about not braving the cold to run. I even swore off all self inflicted hatred and misery for the sake of running when I want, because I want until legit training starts back up. Then I got a little stir crazy. I wanted to get outside and play in the snow. Heading into the mountains for snowboarding wasn’t in the cards so I opted for frigid, snowy runs. The hardest part of winter running (for me) is the dark. Its dark when I get up, its dark when I get home from work. Its always dark. Yes, I know the entire internet and social media sphere has already whined about this but its true. I don’t mind the actual dark but it makes trail time a challenge, especially with snow, ice and … [Click Here For the Full Story]

The hips don’t lie… {trail running}

We’ve been spending a lot of time on the trails lately. If the weather isn’t good enough for biking and trail running we compromise, find a more technical trail and hike it. Sometimes we run a bit but Chris strongly prefers biking so usually its just hiking. Besides, I like having an excuse to not run up some of the more technical trails! This week we headed to Green Mountain {aka, William Frederick Hayden Park} and Lair o’ the Bear. We’ve been to Green Mountain multiple times but haven’t seen all the trails yet. Lair o’ the Bear was something new for us. A little more online research would have been useful but it was a fun little jaunt. Green Mountain Before we could do any biking we needed to put new brakes on Chris’s bike. That’s the beauty of … [Click Here For the Full Story]