Workout Wanda: Early morning treadmill run of a whole mile and NROLFW 2.B.4! My work week has not been very eventful. I suppose that is a good thing. Although I went to work on Monday thinking it was Tuesday and on Tuesday I was convinced it was Wednesday. Nothing kills your morning than realizing your brain can’t figure out what day of the week it is! To make up for it I sucked down more than my fair share of caffeine this morning! I try to lay off the caffeine during my work week because I’m a crazy old person who goes to bed by 7pm but today I have no bedtime…today is my Friday! And like the crazy young adult that I am my Friday night consists of couch sitting and thoughts of a deep sleep…all before 8pm even … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Learning New Things…about ME!

Workout Wanda: Just NROLFW 1.B.2…early this morning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Technically I should have gotten my lift on last night but Chris talked me right out of it…because we all know I need help formulating ridiculous excuses! He said that I should be lifting in the morning when it is still dark and I’m too chicken to run around a not-yet-familiar city. I guess that makes sense and I wanted Chris to feel extra special and stuff so I did just that. I lazed around on the couch last night and got myself up early this morning to lift. ZZZZZ…yeah, my brain is still sleeping! Counting to 15 was hard! And by “early this morning” I mean only slightly earlier than necessary to get to work on time. The clouded sunlight told me it was plenty light to run outside but by … [Click Here For the Full Story]

The Game Plan

Monday’s Workout Wanda: Outside run for 30 min, 12 sec…sunny, breezy, loverly! Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: Suffered through 30 minutes on a treadmill…it was raining and the indoor track on campus was being used for a class! Yeah – totally stared at the numbers on the TM but I did have one mile where I was averaging 8:02… I spent the majority of my weekend sitting on my butt…but I was thinking about running and my running schedule, so that counts for something – right?! At the very least all of that thinking lead me to a game plan. Headed out for a frigid run…back when I was a hardcore runner! The schedule I have set up will get me through the end of June. At that point I am going to take a step back and re-evaluate where I am … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I kept my shirt on…

This is a big deal! Now, before you begin to wonder about any side jobs I may have to pay for race fees let me explain! I have boney fingers… I suppose I could more appropriately say “I kept my T shirt on…” but that doesn’t sound nearly as interesting. I’m all about interesting, I mean, really, look at how exciting and interesting my life is… okay, nevermind. For the full two hours I was at the gym today I kept my t shirt on! I usually wear a tank top and a t shirt to the gym and within about 30 seconds of working out I ditch the t shirt. Not today. We were starting the cool down in spin class when I realized my t shirt was still on. I was all sorts of sweaty and gross but … [Click Here For the Full Story]

me.Me.ME Monday!

First, a quick blurb on how Workout Wanda faired this morning…I’m still banned from running until at least Wednesday, maybe Thursday so I stuck with spin class, lifting and a little bout on the stair climber. Aside from my early morning workout my day was normal…work headaches, annoyances and mental face punches! Well…now I am being forced to talk about myself. I know, horrible, right? Okay, horrible for me but awesome for me! You see, I’ve been tagged by two fellow bloggers (Courtenay from I Swear My Legs are on Auto-Pilot and Em from A Life to Bragg About) for a Stylish Blogger Award. We all know I’m not exactly Stylish, but hey, I’ll take the excuse to blab about me just one more time! Now, this award comes with some rules… 1 – Thank and link back to the … [Click Here For the Full Story]