Okay, I’ll give it a tri…

Thursday’s Workout Wanda: A walk/run with Chris with exactly 1 mile of running in 9:05. Then I attempted to go swimming – I think I made it 150m without dying!Friday’s Workout Wanda: A combo run/strength workout with 2 miles of running + some swimming to rinse off the sweat for a 210m swim-like flounder. Without the excuse of “lots of miles” and “can’t tire the legs” that came with marathon training I am running out of reasons not to do some strength training. Right now my main reason is “I don’t like it”. So today I decided to mix it up and make my strength training part of my running. I used a workout I saw on Corrie Anne’s post as inspiration… 1/2 mile run25 squats1/2 mile run25 bicycles {sets}1/2 mile run25 high sumos1/2 mile run25 snaking push ups Check … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Whiny Wilma…and marathons?!

Sunday’s Workout Wanda: A run outside – 2 miles at a 9:18 pace, respectable enough.Monday’s Workout Wanda: Headed over to the gym for a mile on the TM and NROLFW 3.B.1 I am feeling whiny. Very whiny. I’m thinking Whiny Wilma is hanging out with me today. It might technically be a Tuesday for me but it definitely felt like a Monday…which it was for the rest of the world. It was just one of those days, especially at work! It made me whiny. Very whiny. I actually kind of annoyed myself… The fact I annoyed myself really isn’t that surprising – pretty much everything with a breath annoyed me today. Heck, even the stupid toaster was making me angry. But then the toaster always hates on me so that isn’t exactly surprising either. Okay, enough whining…like I said, I … [Click Here For the Full Story]


Workout Wanda: Just over 1 mile on the treadmill, messing with the speeds & NROLFW 2.A.4. This morning I realized something…stretching is important! I bailed on my lifting for three weeks then jumped right back in. My entire body has felt the leap tiny hop back into running/lifting but this morning my hamstrings were literally screaming at me! Getting out of bed hurt! I need to get my stretch on and befriend my foam roller… …although I should probably roll around on it rather than bear hug it like a loser. A little roll with Big Blue would have made my morning run less painful. The walk to the gym hurt and the first few steps of my dreadmill run were very awkward but I pushed through…for a whole mile. With my extra early morning workouts I usually drag my … [Click Here For the Full Story]

You know you’re boring when…

Sunday’s Workout Wanda: A 1.5 mile treadmill run and NROLFW 2.B.3.Monday’s Workout Wanda: Getting out of bed…yes, it was hard! You know you’re boring when…a bowl of ice cream is the excitement of your day. Seriously, I need a life. This formerly unemployed hobo used to have an exciting life full of random adventures but now goes to bed before 6pm, is up when most drunken college kids are just falling into their beds to pretend to run. So not exciting, or adventurous – unless you count a 2:30am walk over to the gym. I have a crazy wild imagination, sometimes the heart rate goes up before I even step foot on the treadmill! Today my life was insanely busy at work with our brand new bakery café’s opening day and once I got home I got all lazy and … [Click Here For the Full Story]

2am? Doable!

Workout Wanda: A 1 mile AM run on the TM plus NROLFW 2.A.3 then a 19:43 minute run after work with Chris biking along which mapmyrun.com puts at 2.15 miles. Guess what?! Workout Wanda is back…maybe not in full vengeance but she is back! This morning my alarm went off at 2:01am and I was in the gym by 2:37am. Yeah, yeah, I totally snoozed. Mostly because my bed was warm, not because I as tired. But seriously, please not the actual time – 2:01am! I only made it 1 mile for a few reasons but mostly because it was on a treadmill. I hate treadmills and there really isn’t anything good on TV at 3am, just saying. I got my mile in and then headed over to the free weights {all of two steps from the TM!} for NROLFW … [Click Here For the Full Story]