Running Lately

There has been a fair amount of running in my life lately. The fun kind where you just go out and enjoy life in your running shoes. Without even trying too hard there has been a solid mix of trails, hills, speed work, distance and racing. Without going into too much boring detail here is a quick recap of the runs that have gone down in the past week or so… Boulder Running Company Speed Work Hill Repeats with Boulder Running Company’s Wednesday Night Group Run Almost every week I manage to show up at the Boulder Running Company for a special form of torture – group speed work. It’s a workout I love to hate. It usually hurts quite a bit while I’m fighting through the workouts but the results have been very obvious in my races this year … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Mountain Drives

My life has basically been eating me a live. Not even kidding. I have no life. I work. I study. I go to class. I study. I read textbooks. I sometimes sleep. I usually remember to eat. Oh, and did I mention I go to work…a lot. And I don’t even like it there. I’m not exaggerating for pity, trust me. For example… This past weekend we did some schedule finagling so that both Chris and I had three days off work together. Three whole days. No work. No nothing. Our big plan was to go somewhere to go mountain biking. Some place cool like Moab or Crested Butte. We went to neither. We stayed home, all weekend long. I literally spent the vast majority of three freaking days at my desk studying and finishing up assignments. Oh, and watching … [Click Here For the Full Story]