Never lose respect… {Loveland Pass Avalanche}

On Monday night when we were running #BostonStrong it wasn’t just about Boston for me. Yes, Boston was the reason I layered up and headed into the blowing snow. The horrible events of last week were the motivation behind the group run. But as I made my way around the lake and as the snow picked up I realized I was running for more than that. I was running off all the frustrations for the long, emotionally draining week. Not just Boston, but West, Texas and Loveland Pass and every other part of the world dealing with tragic, deadly, traumatizing events. ____________________ The official snowboarding season is coming to a close but the snow keeps coming. Unfortunately this late season snow makes for some very dangerous backcountry. To make it even scarier most resorts are closed so backcountry is the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

No lift lines!

Turns out Monday is an even better day to go boarding than a Thursday! We headed up to Copper on Monday and were greeted with a parking spot 20 steps from the entrance and non-existent lift lines! More importantly, a bowl finally opened! Yes! Finally! There was only one run that wasn’t over run with moguls and rather than being covered in powder there were scattered rocks and tree tops. Definitely not perfect, but it looked to have a lot of potential… At least it was a gorgeous day! …view from the top of the Resolution and Super Bee lifts at Copper… To make the day worth the drive we took the long way home…looping through Keystone and up Loveland Pass. Last year when we had season passes for Keystone we drove over Loveland Pass every week, but we haven’t … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Early Season Back Country Boarding {Loveland Pass}

I hinted to it in an earlier post but never got around to actually telling the story…we went snowboarding, in October. This is unheard of in the far away land of Wisconsin so I feel compelled to brag about it. It was a few weeks ago when Chris’s dad was out here visiting. We decided to make the drive up to Summit County for some mountain view and outlet shopping. A-basin was open – not surprising since is it usually one of the first to open and last to close – but this year we did not have a season pass that got us into A-basin. However, we had been seeing a lot of snowy photos from the area and had hopes that Loveland Pass would be board-able. Just to be safe we packed up our layers and snowboards… The … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Roaming around Colorado…

Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: A simple, not so fun 1.5 mile run in 13:18, pace of 8:52.{although says that makes for a pace of 8:17…but then their map also has me randomly sprinting into traffic so I don’t exactly trust any of that info but I’m too lazy to let the Garmin find satellites…}Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: Speed work with the BRC group – 4.1 miles in 39:13, pace of 9:32. Warm up + weaving intervals + cool down. I seem to be on a roll with writing about what I did exactly one week ago, so why break the streak? Well, I have to break it a tiny bit to add a blurb about last Tuesday since I was far too lazy to write yesterday…then its back to the exploring we did last Wednesday! Actually, lets jump all the way … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Hiking Loveland Pass

Workout Wanda: Travel…does that count? I almost headed out for a run then my flight time couldn’t make up its mind so I skipped the run – in the end a good plan! **Ideally this post would have gone up early this afternoon; however, the Denver airport’s internet is a complete joke. Luckily for me I get to spend hours there on Sunday because I’m too cheap to pay for parking and am making Chris pick me up after work – if you happen to be flying thru Denver let me know!** This morning I realized just how amazing 8 full hours of sleep can be. Freaking awesome, by the way! As soon as I bounced out of bed I got a text message saying my flight was delayed from 2:20 to 3:55. Sweet…I could probably fit a run in … [Click Here For the Full Story]