Snapshots: farm, friends, fargo

Friday’s Workout Wanda: Walked the Fargo 5K with my mom…in 97* heat!Saturday’s Workout Wanda: Ran the Fargo Marathon in 4:29:18, pace of 10:17. It is currently after 10pm…my alarm went off at 4:41am. I’m tired and I’ve earned myself some real sleep time. However, I had quite the eventful weekend and feel compelled to at least hint to what I got to do and who I got to meet, so here goes a tiny little photo bomb… …meeting Lisa and visiting the farm… …walking the Fargo 5K with my mom… …meeting “internet strangers” and surviving the Go Far challenge with Amy… …proof I rocked at life today with a  48 minute PR… …feeding the addiction and slowly making our way from Fargo to Denver… And off to bed I go…with ice packs and compression. Even run a marathon then jump … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Marathon Monday–Wk 17: …its almost here!

Saturday’s & Sunday’s Workout Wanda: relaxation + upper strengthMonday’s Workout Wanda: a measly 2 mile run, untimed And we are officially in marathon week. Not quite as exciting at Courtney’s wedding week, but that ship has sailed, I’m already an old married woman! Remember last week when I said I wasn’t being attacked by the taper crazies? Well, that is still the case when it comes to running…I am taking the “cut back on miles” thing very seriously. However, the crazy thoughts and psycho person planning are in full force. I have about six lists going on what needs to be packed…I might actually get packed before I’m supposed to be driving to the airport! I’m still trying to figure out what my goals are, what I’m going to wear, what weather forecast to believe and what to eat the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

The Long One…

Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: A 2ish mile run, out to get sunglasses, only to run home in the dark.Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: A 1.4 mile run on a “test run” of Chris’s newly tuned up bike. Exactly 12 days ago I ran 20 miles. Yup, twenty miles. It still feels a little unreal but at the same time it seems so attainable. Apparently all of the melodramatic self talk going down in my head at the time has vanished…because yes, there were definitely a few times when I seriously doubted my ability to ever run that far again, let along an additional 6.2 miles! But at the moment the 26.2 miles seem possible – not fast, not easy, not super duper fun, but possible. I’m excited to see if that is true… For the Twin Cities Marathon in 2009 my longest training … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Marathon Monday–Wk 16: Active Tapering

Saturday’s Workout Wanda: AM Bootcamp + 4ish mile hike with 1,125ft gain!Sunday’s Workout Wanda: AM Bootcamp…more than enough!Monday’s Workout Wanda: 10 minutes ellipticalling + 10 minutes biking + stretching Let’s just say I am really glad I shoved my 11 mile run into Friday morning or it would not have happened…there was a lot going on and running was not one of those things. Instead I tried out a bootcamp for the first time ever, hiked up to the Royal Arch in Boulder, came back for a second bootcamp and stuffed my face. Oh, and I hung out with a bunch of bloggers! {photo credit: Ashley McLaughlin, kidnapped from: Janetha} It was a long weekend. A long, fun weekend where I got to meet a ton of new people. And not just any people…blogger people, people who write about life … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Marathon Monday–Wk 15: Just Keep Moving Forward…

Alternate Post Titles…I MISS Speedwork…Huh?!My Bike Bones are BruisedI Ran TWENTY Miles This week its all about just moving forward…and not stopping. Well, the speedwork is about moving forward quickly and not slowing, but whatever, same basic concept, right? I’ll break it all down for you real quick – quick like a lame bunny who really isn’t all that quick. In other words, there are going to be a lot of words in this post, enjoy! Speed Work… After all that time I spent flaunting how super awesome and amazing my newfound running group is I’ve kind of been skipping out on runs with them. I have a whole slew of excuses that started out as legitimate “I’m sick” and became “but it’s the last night I get to sit on my couch at our first CO apartment…”. This Wednesday … [Click Here For the Full Story]