A Perfect Mix

This week will be the first week in many months that I’ve actually had a legitimate work week. You know, the standard kind where you go to work for 8+ hours a day for 5 days a week. My first one in months. I’m loving the “in months” part of that, not exactly head over heels for the week ahead of me. I’ve been blessed but now its time for the reality of adult life to kick in. Obviously this isn’t exactly part of the perfect mix… My perfect mix is a lot more fun than working and this past week I managed to get a little bit of everything Colorado has to offer in December. Backcountry powder. Corduroy runs. Rolling trails. Gorgeous sunsets. Incredible people. Cuddly cat. Splitboarding at Butler Gulch Early morning riding at Keystone Sunny trail runs … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Legs vs Lungs

Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: About 3 miles – untimed, out on the trails around home.Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: Rest day!Thursday’s Workout Wanda: A 4.5 mile run at Red Rocks…hills!Friday’s Workout Wanda: A 1.5 mile run on the trails – untimed.Saturday’s Workout Wanda: Mostly rest day, but pack should count as strength training! Slack-tastic Sylvia should probably go on vacation for a bit so I can actually get back to blogging as usual. In reality, no alter ego has arrived to shut down the blog – I’ve just been busy with life. Or, more honestly, I haven’t felt like writing. Instead I’ve been working my way through all the TV shows Netflix has to offer…not a very good use of my time but whatever. I’ve also been spending lots of time packing up our apartment because we are moving again. Yup. Again. We … [Click Here For the Full Story]