Downhill…isn’t always easier!

It hurts to grip my steering wheel, or even rub my hands together. My knee is beautifully bruised and my thighs ache. I got out of bed yesterday and kind of wished I was a dude because sitting to pee hurt. Not exactly what I was expecting to feel the day after downhill biking. When we made last minute plans to go downhill biking at Vail I figured it would be a lot easier than the regular mountain biking I was used to. I mean, we got to ride a life up the mountain then basically coast down. It felt a lot easier while we were riding but it became painfully obvious that we were using muscles that had been dormant for far too long! Especially our hands…I definitely had a death grip on my brakes! Views from the top … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A Long Weekend in Wisconsin

We spent the last few days in Wisconsin. I’d like to pretend this is a “Wordless Wednesday” post but we have very few photos. Turns out its not a good idea to depend upon our phone for photos when your in the middle of nowhere and the battery is immediately drained while “searching for service”. Instead I present to you “Slightly Fewer Words Than Usual Wednesday”… Seen on my run in Small Town, WI + the single track we went mountain biking on. I was dreading the humidity that Wisconsin usually has in store for us during our summer trips so I packed the lightest running gear I owned. Instead of sweating to death on my long run I had to borrow gloves and layer on a cotton t-shirt to stay warm. Yes, you read that right. It was actually … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Run + Bike + Bark + COLOR RUN

Well would you look at that…its Friday. Already. For some reason I am not prepared for Friday. Probably because I have assignments due by 11:59pm. I should probably get on that. Later. First, let me share a few photos from this past week. And I literally mean “a few”. Having a phone that is barely capable of taking a crappy picture has severely limited the number of photos I bother taking! Of course a good camera doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good photo…as I prove in these ridiculous finisher photos from the Sand Creek 10K last weekend. Immediately after these photos were snapped I stopped dead, put my hands on my knees and talked down the Nutella sandwich that wanted to make a re-appearance. I ran hard and my body knew it! I’m still pretty proud of that race… photo credit: … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Back at Buffalo Creek

Last year around this time I was making my way back to Wisconsin with plans to drive up to Fargo for my second full marathon. My redemption marathon. We stopped by Lisa’s farm for a quick tour, met bloggers, I talked my mom into the most humid 5K ever and then I rocked at life at the Fargo Marathon with the last few miles being my strongest. It was an awesome weekend and with all the Fargo Marathon FB notifications I’m kind of jealous and wishing for another marathon…kind of. I get to thinking about a marathon then I go for a run on exhausted legs and realize that maybe it isn’t such a great plan. I’m not writing a marathon off forever…just for now. I have high hopes for another massive PR if I ever run another and that’s … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Sitting is Optional!

Today sitting is optional…and avoided when possible. And if I am sitting, I try to stay sitting as long as possible. Because the act of getting into the sitting position is worse then merely sitting. Why am I being whiny? Sitting is painful. Yesterday, just before Colorado got rain {yes, rain!}, Chris and I headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather…on our mountain bikes. For the first time in, well, a really long time, I got on my bike. Any idea where I’m going with this? After months away from the super comfy bike saddle my butt bones did a great job of surviving…yesterday. Today they are feeling it. Sitting down to pee hurts. Getting in and out of my car hurts. Sitting at my desk hurts. It all hurts Which is why anything involving sitting is optional today. And … [Click Here For the Full Story]