Running Up Mountains

My legs have had a really long week and my brain is heading into one helluva month. Basically, I’m tired and my brain can’t process complete thoughts. So rather than give you a jumbled mess of text you get this… …Lynne & I running up Mt Evans… …and if you want the story behind these crazy awesome photos check out Lynne’s post – she tells the story I’m too lazy to write. If you’re also too lazy preoccupied to click over I will tell you this much – we’ve lost our minds, we literally ran up a mountain and it was a lot more fun than I’d expected! So fun we are doing it again… … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Ice Luge Sledding + Snowy Leaps {McNamara Hut}

The hardest part of the hut trip was actually getting to the hut. And from what I’ve heard this was an easy, peasy, lemon squeezy hike in…this meant the rest of our mountain vacation would be extra awesome, right? As soon as we got into the hut we unpacked our sleeping bags, warmed up by the fire and then put our layers right back on to try out the sledding hill just off the porch. A few guys had packed in two sleds – one foam one and one traditional plastic toboggan. Someone was stupid enough to take the first run down and restructuring immediately began. I have no photos but we looked like a chain gang – everyone shoveling snow or packing it down. We were engineers…making the already dangerous slope into a suicidal ice luge. There were many … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Our First Hut Trip {McNamara Hut}

Last week at this time we were starting out on our very first hut trip – to the McNamara Hut, part of the 10th Mountain Division hut system. A hut trip is basically a luxurious winter backpacking excursion – instead of freezing in a tent we got to “rough it” in one fancy pants hut that had every basic life necessity except running water. Maybe its just the small town Wisconsin farm girl in me, but I thought the hut was pretty awesome and it had far more than I expected! We headed up with Heather and a bunch of her friends. When she asked if we were interested I said yes before I got any of the details. I’d read her posts about it last year and I was all over an opportunity to check out another aspect of … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Quality time…in the mountains!

Things are looking…up? I want to say organized but that would be a complete lie. However, some areas of life are a bit more organized! And the lasagna is at least layered together and hanging out in the freezer just a short 90 minutes away from consumption! Our apartment before I attempted to organize… …not even kind of pictured, it was terrifying. Our living after I organized all the gear… …I divided the TV stand up……mine, ours, his… The packs almost set to go… …his pack, my pack and the bag of stuff we’ll need at the hotel/while hiking… In the coming week or two it is safe to say that my internet presence is going to be minimal. And for good reasons! We’ll be tromping around the mountains with just snowshoes, the pack on our backs and a bunch … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Its cold in Denver. As in we’ve had a few days where the temps have barely crawled above the single digits. It has become painfully obvious I have lost all of my hardcore Wisconsin tolerance to the cold. Rather than go boarding this weekend – where the temps were at –16ish with wind chill – we decided to be bums and hang out at home. Therefore I have no fun photos from the mountains. …who am I kidding, I always have mountain photos… But don’t fret, I have plenty of photos from our little excursion to take in the warmer weather while it lasted! Let’s all look at the photos of warmer weather, think warm thoughts and snuggle under a fuzzy blanket in front of a fireplace while drinking hot caramel cider… …looking out over Bear Creek Lake Park… We … [Click Here For the Full Story]