Mt Evans Ascent–I Survived!

In Colorado people do weird things and proclaim that it is all just to stay fit and have fun in the mountains. We turn an amphitheater into a place to run and an outdoor gym. We pack the bare essentials of life into over-sized backpacks and hike into the snowy wilderness. We commit full weekends to hiking miles up and down a mountain. All just for fun. Somehow this mindset has led to the weird delusion that running up a mountain is something to do for fun. It all started back in 1971 when the first group of crazy Coloradans decided to run up Mt Evans. It became a tradition and a well-known road race – the America’s Highest Road Race! This past Saturday I became a participant…and finisher! …at the start with Lynne, Paula and Jason… The Mt Evans … [Click Here For the Full Story]