Mt Evans Ascent…next year!?

Its been a few days since “the race”. I’ve spent some time thinking. I have done some serious refueling. I even spent a little time recovering, approximately 36 hours. And…I spent some time talking about how much better I’ll do in next year’s race. Yes. I want to do it again. The race was rough but the misery faded quickly. A little too quickly – I was already thinking about 2014 before I went to bed on Saturday night. That’s a quick fade – its been over a year and I still haven’t been able to talk myself into another marathon! Granted, that is more because of the training than the actual race. …just past the Mile 3 aid station, I have a handful of peanut M&Ms… I don’t mean to dwell on the race for too long but come … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Mt Evans Ascent–I Survived!

In Colorado people do weird things and proclaim that it is all just to stay fit and have fun in the mountains. We turn an amphitheater into a place to run and an outdoor gym. We pack the bare essentials of life into over-sized backpacks and hike into the snowy wilderness. We commit full weekends to hiking miles up and down a mountain. All just for fun. Somehow this mindset has led to the weird delusion that running up a mountain is something to do for fun. It all started back in 1971 when the first group of crazy Coloradans decided to run up Mt Evans. It became a tradition and a well-known road race – the America’s Highest Road Race! This past Saturday I became a participant…and finisher! …at the start with Lynne, Paula and Jason… The Mt Evans … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Running Up Mountains

My legs have had a really long week and my brain is heading into one helluva month. Basically, I’m tired and my brain can’t process complete thoughts. So rather than give you a jumbled mess of text you get this… …Lynne & I running up Mt Evans… …and if you want the story behind these crazy awesome photos check out Lynne’s post – she tells the story I’m too lazy to write. If you’re also too lazy preoccupied to click over I will tell you this much – we’ve lost our minds, we literally ran up a mountain and it was a lot more fun than I’d expected! So fun we are doing it again… … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Mt Evans + New Shoes!

Workout Wanda: Exploring the top of Mt Evans + 5mi bike ride + 1.4mi run! Today we got a visitor. A college friend from back home showed up at the airport so I was kind enough to pick her butt up, give her a fancy air mattress to sleep on and show her around the state. I’m just that nice, in case you were thinking about a taking a little trip. After I picked Amy up we headed right into the mountains, we don’t waste time with this tourist stuff! Our first stop was Mt Evans. Our first stop was Summit Lake… …Amy and I pondering life off in the distance, so artsy fartsy… Then we drove up to the top, parked all kitty wampus and started climbing around on the rocks. You know, channeling our inner mountain goat… We … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Officially Residents! {Red Rocks + Mt Evans + RMNP}

Workout Wanda: A 1.25 miles run this AM in 11:07, pace of 8:53 – if you need a fast run when your tired immediately head out for a run before emptying your walnut sized bladder! We are officially residents of Colorado! Last year on this date we were moving into our first Colorado apartment! I almost forgot. It is really starting to feel like home. We have things to do, work to go to, friends to hang out with and headaches to deal with. Home. In honor of our first day of our Colorado residency I have created a pretty new tab on the blog – a page all about Colorado and what we have explored, discovered and learned. We have spent one year hiking, biking, running and snowboarding around the state and I’d like to share all of that … [Click Here For the Full Story]