Sand Creek 10K …so darn close

I had high hopes for the Sand Creek half marathon when I signed up for it. I’m not sure why, at that time it was starting at 8:30am in July – that is a recipe for heat stroke. They got smart and moved the race time for a 7am start…much better but still freaking hot since it has been hitting high 80’s by 9am. All my hope went out the window when my back decided to rebel against my home office set up. After two days of diligently working at my desk I woke up to an aching back. No stabbing, no throbbing, no severe pain but no break from the ache either. It didn’t matter if I walked, sat, stood or laid on the ground – the pain was relentless. There would be no half marathon. Maybe I’d run … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Snowman Stampede 5 + 10 Mile Race {recap}

Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: A 100% rest day! Much needed!Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: All of 1.4 miles, in “hurricane force winds” – never again! Short Recap On Saturday morning I ran the Snowman Stampede 5 Mile AND 10 Mile race. I took the 5 miler super slow and ran the 10 miler at a “comfortable level of discomfort”. I felt great for both races and actually PR’ed the 10 mile race…2:08 faster than last month! Long Recap This past week my long run called for 12 miles. I had the Snowman Stampede 10 Mile race penciled in with plans to fin in a 2 mile warm up. On Thursday I came up with the brilliant idea to run both the 5 and 10 mile races – for a grand total of 15 miles. Sure, I’d be 3 miles over my required distance … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Frosty’s Frozen 10 Mile Race {recap}

Workout Wanda: A 10 mile “training” run, finished in 1:40:01, pace of 10:00. Warning: The entirety of this post is probably going to consist of shameless ego stroking and narcissism. If you really aren’t feeling up to that kind of reading feel free to scroll down to check out my neon rainbow inspired get up and move on to better readings. Don’t worry, I get it…besides, there are a ton of words and not so many photos! If you are my mother or The Husband {hi mom & Chris} you have heard all of the following approximately six times today. Thanks for listening…and now for reading! Today I ran a 10 mile race. A race I was not trained up for but was running as my 8 mile training run that was on the schedule. I didn’t even sign up … [Click Here For the Full Story]