Festival Foods Turkey Trot 5Mile (race recap)

I spent the entire week drinking large quantities of emergenC and Airbourne trying to fight off the glorious cold I managed to give myself by running the Living History Farms race. This is the primary reason I did not sign up for the Festival Foods Turkey Trot in advance. On Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) I woke up to the beautiful blare of my alarm. All for a big dumb race and a $25 t-shirt. I’m just that dedicated. My cellphone said it was 16 degrees but weather.com said it was 2 degrees with the wind chill. I still dressed myself up all purdy like and headed downtown to the local YMCA where the race started. One great thing about a nearby race is … Continue reading

Whoa…ADD me!

The original purpose of my previous post (A very short week) was to brag about how super short my work week was. Obviously I was so tired out from all of the work I did [not do] that I completely forgot what I was trying to talk about. Wow. I’m special. On Monday I only worked 4 hours…I spent the first half of my day driving home from Iowa after running the Living History Farms race and spending time with family. Tuesday was a responsible day for me – I worked a full 8 hours. Of course everything was uneventful because it was a “holiday week”. Apparently half the world shuts down during a “holiday week”. I was supposed to spend … Continue reading

Living History Farms Cross Country 7Mile (race recap)

I put the last bit of my vacation time to use by giving myself an extra long weekend. I took a half day on Friday and a half day on Monday…all for the Living History Farms Cross Country Race in Urbandale, IA. Oh, and I spent some time bonding with my Iowan familia! On Friday afternoon my mother and I headed out on the first leg of our road trip…Eau Claire, WI to Des Moines, IA…a glorious 5.5 hours of mother/daughter bonding. Right… The important part of this segment of the story is that we survived! The whole world knows my mother has issues reading a map, but I also need to add that she has trouble reading off the … Continue reading

A Weekend Tour of Iowa

I spent my extra long weekend (Friday-Monday) doing a mini tour of the glorious state of Iowa. I spent a grand total of 18 hours (you read that right, eighteen hours) in a car…I spent 14 hours being the driver. We should be done doing weekend road trips after Thanksgiving weekend…I am glad! With all the driving and bonding with family I have not had any time to even think about creating a post, so I’ll leave you with a teaser of what is to come… – 14 hours in the car with my mother…lots of stories from this! – Living History Farms Cross Country race…7  miles, 26 degrees, 5 creek crossings – Found a mouse INSIDE the restaurant we ate … Continue reading

Hot Chocolate 15K Race Photos!

Again, I know this is yet another post today…back off! Just be glad I’m getting around to show such awesome photos on a Friday evening. And I promise that I have actual plans for the evening – although I did skip my nap so I may well fall asleep before the plans happen, we will have to see what caffeine does to me after 5pm! As you may remember I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago with my cousin, Danelle, last weekend. It was freezing cold and I highly doubt I will ever run this race again (never say never, right…?). Not because of the cold, but because it was so over crowded! But that is all in the … Continue reading