Becoming a #1 Stunner! {Wild West Relay}

So, about that Wild West Relay. We survived. And we kind of rocked at life. There were a few moments of “I hate you for making me do this” but shortly there after I wanted to leap into the van and hug everyone for letting me run with them. I know almost nothing about organizing a relay race – our captains were absolutely amazing and had everything all set – or training for a relay as I got roped into this one just a week out. I literally showed up with a bag of clothes and food, pinned a bib to myself and ran. That’s it. If you’re looking for advice on how to plan for a relay I’m no help, but I can tell you how to survive a relay race you have done zero training for! Going into … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I’m in! Wait…how far?! {Wild West Relay}

I really like to be a good friend and help people out. Its what I do. Or at least I’m using the “I’m just that nice” excuse to justify how quickly I agreed to help out Paula when her Wild West Relay team needed a back up team mate. One of their runners is battling an injury and won’t be able to participate in the 200 mile relay race from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs. The email chain started last week and I immediately replied “I’m in!” and then decided to follow that up with “uh, how many miles do I need to run?”. Hey, at least I had the sense to ask one important question! I also managed to check my calendar to make sure I was available. What I failed to really process was the fact that this … [Click Here For the Full Story]