A new running game!

We have invented a new running game. And by “we” I mean Chris. Yes, Chris. As in the guy who doesn’t even believe in the act of running. Let me start from the beginning… Last month I won a pair of ASICS from the Road Runner Sports Adventure Run. On Friday I talked Chris into heading north with me to pick out my new shoes. I hate shoe shopping, especially when it comes to new running shoes. It stresses me out. I tried on every single neutral shoe in the store but nothing wow’ed me. My feet didn’t truly love a single pair. There was one that may have worked but with my freebie shoes there could be no exchanges. I freaked out a little bit. Then I talked Chris into trying on some trail running shoes. You know, for hiking, obviously. We ended up leaving the running store with a new pair of ASICS…for Chris. Of course the first pair he tried on “felt great”. Psht. Silly boys. Or picky girls. But that’s a whole different story! Come Saturday … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Mysterious Speed = New Shoes!

I haven’t spent much time talking about running…partly because I haven’t been doing much running. Life has been happening. A lot of life. And unfortunately, even with fancy new shoes to motivate me, running has been pushed aside. At least a little bit. The exciting part of running hasn’t been happening, although a few miles have magically appeared. One of those magical miles just so happened to be speedy fast. Last Wednesday I managed to scamper away from work just long enough to head out for a group run with Boulder Running Company. I have been able to get to their early morning boot camps pretty consistently but have been missing out on Wednesday night’s speed work. Of course the day I finally manage to show put they decide to do a time trial! However…I managed to hold back my hatred because Mizuno was there to flaunt their new shoes! Oh, and let us wear them! I got to try out the Mizuno Wave Rider 16’s! Trialing brand spanking new shoes is awesome! I even got to remove the tissue … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Thursday Night Adventure Run {Road Runner Sports}

Every once in a while a person needs to get away from the mundane, aggravating routine of their life. Usually in an attempt to stay sane. On Thursday night I did just that – I ran from my responsibilities and had a little fun. But first I drove up to Westminster. You see, after a few attempts at trail running Heather and I finally found a time that we could both run…together. We had heard amazing things about the Road Runner Sports monthly Adventure Run so when Thursday night happened to be an empty night on both of our calendars we scrambled for permanent markers and completely skipped the “pencil it in” stage of planning. The Adventure Run is a concoction of a group run, a race, a scavenger hunt and a raffle. Yup, all of that. Together. On one night, at one place. Oh, and the entire thing is free….plus it ends with tons of awesome prizes! Turns out it was totally worth the drive north! They required all runners wore reflective gear or had headlamps since it has … [Click Here For the Full Story]