Peaks + Valleys


What do you do when the clouds take over the mountain? The same thing you do when it’s a beautifully sunny day — you get your tush outside and find trails to explore! I’ve done a fairly good job of winning the fight against the snot factory that took over my sinuses but the weather has not been very good at supporting my quest to spend all my free time outside. Rather than greeting me with sunny skies and tshirt temperatures it’s been doling out lots of chilly clouds. But I am nothing if not persistent…clouds or not, outside I went! I spent so much time frolicking around in clouds, breathing in all their foggy goodness, I started to feel like we belonged together…we were getting along so well! After a few days of heading up the mountainside in hopes of finding sunshine above the clouds I gave up and headed into the valley. During my first week in Gryon I hiked through Les Gorges with Caroline on our way to our night at Cabana Plan Neve and was blown away … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Take It Easy


Every time the seasons change I get sick, without fail. Sometimes I blame it on airplane cooties [like that time I nearly died from a ferocious head cold + sketchy stomach flu the week I got home from South America] but really, I think my immune system is just a big wimp that sucks at fighting off the bad guys. And I don’t care how old I am, I will always imagine white blood cells shooting sticks at these nasty germs like they do on the Magic School Bus >> [and, yes, I watched that entire episode after I found it!]. Last week my body did its lazy thing and let the cooties win. I didn’t feel like crap, I just sounded like a preteen boy waiting for his voice to change while mass producing disgusting snot. It was super attractive. It also made swallowing and breathing a miserable task. Rather than stick with gung-ho plans to go frolicking in the mountains I took it easy. Lucky for me + my “but, I’m in Switzerland, I must do things” thinking there are … [Click Here For the Full Story]



A lot has changed over the past two months, but at the same time life feels very normal. Weirdly normal. I’m living in Switzerland, working for a couple I’ve only known for a few weeks, living in a hostel with a revolving door of strangers and grocery shopping with Google Translator in hand. — photo credit: Roland Pabst, a Swiss American photographer I met at Cabana d’Orny with his wife — Some people might say this is because destiny put me where I belong. Maybe. Or I’ve just figured out how to adjust and adapt to the world around me, creating a life I really love. Either way…life’s been doing pretty good and this is what I’ve been doing + thinking lately… …sweaty, smelly and exhausted from an impromptu trip to Zermatt to scope out the Matterhorn …eating lots of Thai food, and really liking it…even more than Swiss fondue …thankful for my little hostel nook with a big window, it’s about as roomy as my Forester and it’s perfect …becoming oddly obsessed with Ryan Adams’ 1989 covers — I don’t even … [Click Here For the Full Story]

The Trails Above Zurich


I’m always quick to say “I’m not a city girl”…and I think that is a true statement. Cities make me uncomfortable and I find them to be very overwhelming. They are complex with varied rules, confusing signs and hundreds of people to watch you flounder about. I get nervous and awkward in cities, there is no doubt about it. However, I still managed to happily spend 7 days in Zurich, Switzerland. Having a friend in town helped but the most relaxing days in the city were days when I was alone, exploring at my pace and awkwardly putting my “but, I’m a country girl” excuse to good use, repeatedly. It turns out the city of Zurich also has a healthy network of trails that take you along the river, up the mountain side and through the cobblestone streets. As a group we did travel outside of the city for a few hikes but my favorite adventure was within city limits, along the tops of the hills that line the south side of the city. **This is not a truly technical … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Trails: More Than Just Dirt.


While I’m here in Switzerland I’ll be spending a lot of time on the trails. There will be plenty of day hikes and long runs, just because I can. Trails will become a huge part of this little adventure for a few reasons — they are cheap, they take you to amazing views, they make me incredibly happy and they bring people together. The first two a pretty obvious, so when REI asked me to share what trails meant to me I wanted to share the effects dirty single track has had on my life! I’m good at planning, I swear. People just aren’t very good at following my plans. This was obvious when my mom wandered off to “explore the neighborhood” as everyone else was piling into the car for a short drive to a local Steamboat Springs trailhead. A few deep breaths and exasperated sighs later we had all piled into my car – myself, my mom, Mary, Katie and Jeremy. On a warm day it was a tight squeeze, especially for our strong, sarcastic personalities. By the … [Click Here For the Full Story]