#OmniTen Adventures: Running the OCC


Welp, let’s just chase this cat out of the bag! Columbia Sportswear has done it again — they have come up with a crazy idea, pulled all the details together, and made three trail runners feel very special! On Sunday morning I boarded a plane in Denver bound for Geneva, Switzerland. And that’s where I am…in Switzerland! Well, actually France, now. But they didn’t just send me here to sit around alone. No, of course not! I am here to run the OCC race, a shorter sister to the famed UTMB 100 mile foot race. And I’ll be running with Landon and Colin, two trail runners that will be schooling me on the technical, mountainous terrain that the Alps are … Continue reading

Stunner Status [Wild West Relay Recap]


Last weekend [yea, yea, I’m still a week behind!] I took on the Wild West Relay with the #1 Stunners team, again. And just like my first time at WWR this was quite the experience, both as a runner and as a decision making adult. The night before the race I swapped out my mostly downhill leg for the hardest leg in the race, because sometimes life is mean like that. I crawled into a van full of not-quite-strangers telling myself this would be fun. And it was…now that selective memory has kicked in! I was the first runner of Van 2 so I had very little to do until the middle of the afternoon, just as the heat of … Continue reading

Pacing the Never Summer 100K


About two weeks ago I got an email from Gnar Runners announcing a few newly released spots in the Never Summer 100K. I was tempted. Very tempted. I may have sent an elaborate these-are-all-the-reasons-I-should-register texts to a very optimistic #runabler in my life. Thankfully I got smart and redacted all of that crazy before he had a chance to reply. I was NOT running the race…but that didn’t mean I wasn’t available to pace… And that’s exactly what I did. When a friend requested a pacer via FB I was all over it! I’ve never paced before but she wasn’t gunning for time, just a finish so I knew I could talk her way through the night. Yup, through the … Continue reading



The stressful part of my summer is officially over! As of last Thursday I was officially done with my classroom EMT training! I am “practically certified”, if you will. I have passed all of my NREMT practical exams but still need to take the intense written exam later this month. Up next, more training and classwork [IV, EKG, etc]. Turns out you spend a LOT of time advancing your knowledge and experience when you’re working in the pre-hospital field. Makes it rather depressing that we barely make minimum wage. Talk about irony – people can’t live without us but we literally cannot live by saving their lives. American priorities seem to be a little jacked up. Beyond that, what’s going … Continue reading

Sunday Summits [Bear, South Boulder, Green]


#FunFact: weekends are way too short. In case you didn’t already know… And how do you make the most of “way too short” weekends? You pack in as much as you into the hours that you have. Last weekend [like, a week ago, not yesterday…being on top of oversharing is a lot of work!] I headed to Boulder to do just that. I’ve done a good chunk of the Boulder Skyline trails but after four years in Colorado I still had not made my way up to the South Boulder peak…I needed to remedy that! I hit the trail at the base of Fern Canyon at about 8am with a pack full of water and snacks…ready to test out my … Continue reading