A Mountain of Misery {Missouri Mountain}

This trip report/recap/long winded photo share is a tad late but I think its perfect timing…all the misery of the vicious switch backs and never ending ridge has faded so the whining will be minimal! A few weeks ago we decided to give hiking with Paula another chance since we failed miserably at meeting her for Mount of the Holy Cross. As a federal government employee Paula had all kinds of time to kill so we picked a Monday morning for our hike up Missouri Mountain. Thinking a meet up closer to home would solve all our problems we met at the Dino Lots before 4am then headed into the mountains together. I’m not quite ready to blame my luck on Paula (she rocked my socks off on my birthday run!) but I did manage to leave my wallet at … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Mt Belford + Mt Oxford = 2 Mountains in 1 Day!

We got ambitious this past weekend and decided to push our limits a bit. Initially we were just going to hike two 14ers – Mt Belford and Mt Oxford – in the same day. That is a pretty big deal of us, giving us a total of 11 miles on the mountain. A little research made it pretty obvious that it would be a great idea to backpack a few miles up the trail, camp and start hiking early. While we have gone car camping in the middle of nowhere we have never actually packed our gear into the wilderness. The trailhead was only 1.5 miles from the tree line {the highest we could safely camp with the stormy forecast} so we could pull this off, right?! We had all the gear so we decided to go for it! We … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Hiking Huron Peak

Just over a month ago Amy was visiting and preparing for her very first 14er. As soon as we got home from hiking Mt Elbert I shot Amy a message asking if she had any interest in hiking a 14er while she was out here. It didn’t take much work to talk her into it so I started researching 14ers. We had a few requirements – not too many miles, not too much exposure, not too far from Denver. We settled on Huron Peak. Huron Peak is almost 7 miles round trip if you take the North Ridge route from the Clear Creek trailhead. For the record, the trailhead is nearly 15 miles down a very bumpy gravel road. I kind of enjoyed it, if only for the entertainment I got when Chris and Amy were jostled awake! We didn’t … [Click Here For the Full Story]

La Plata…done right!

La Plata

Saturday’s Workout Wanda: A 9.5 mile hike…up and down a mountain! A full 4,300 foot gain! Sunday’s Workout Wanda: An 8 mile bike ride to/from work + 3 mile walk with Mom & Becky. Monday’s Workout Wanda: A mile long walk with Becky & Chris. Almost exactly one month ago we headed out on our first Colorado camping endeavor and what was supposed to be our first 14er summit. Instead we followed the wrong trail and ended up bushwhacking our way up a very steep 12-teener. Oops. At least the camping part was successful! Even a failed attempt at a 14er was fun and it gave us the confidence to head up Bierstadt by ourselves – our first successful 14er summit! Totally worth the “failed” attempt at La Plata. We are rather stubborn and were not willing to give up … [Click Here For the Full Story]