The Dog Days Of Summer…?

It’s not quite summer and Fred is not a dog. However, it sure felt like summer today and Fred was acting an awful lot like a dog! I spent a few hours of my afternoon sitting at my computer desk pecking away at the keyboard. After about 20 minutes of prancing around my desk, laying on my arms and literally nosing the thumb pad on my laptop {while I was trying to use the actual mouse…} he decided to lay by my feet. Like a dog. He gave me the stink eye every time I moved my chair! He is such a weirdo. Over the few hours of “cat napping” he took on the poses of “The Sphinx”, “The Exhibitionist”, “Thumper The Rabbit” and “Dead Cat”. His foot was comically twitching in his “Thumper” pose – I think he was … [Click Here For the Full Story]


Workout Wanda: Nearly died on 2 miles of mountain biking…I’m a wimp. Today we had big plans to check out some new mountain biking. We did a little research last night and decided on the Deer Creek trail and the South Valley trail. Deer Creek was ranked as advanced while South Valley was beginner. For whatever reason we decided to hit up the advanced trail first…something about doing the hard stuff before it got too hot. Seemed logical. Expect for the part where climbing uphill for a very rocky mile can basically kill a person. Okay, maybe not kill a person but at least murder their self confidence and make anything on a bike seem hellish. That may or may not be what happened with our morning. And you would think the uphill was the hardest. Not for me and … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Marathon Monday–Wk 17: …its almost here!

Saturday’s & Sunday’s Workout Wanda: relaxation + upper strengthMonday’s Workout Wanda: a measly 2 mile run, untimed And we are officially in marathon week. Not quite as exciting at Courtney’s wedding week, but that ship has sailed, I’m already an old married woman! Remember last week when I said I wasn’t being attacked by the taper crazies? Well, that is still the case when it comes to running…I am taking the “cut back on miles” thing very seriously. However, the crazy thoughts and psycho person planning are in full force. I have about six lists going on what needs to be packed…I might actually get packed before I’m supposed to be driving to the airport! I’m still trying to figure out what my goals are, what I’m going to wear, what weather forecast to believe and what to eat the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Settling In

Cat Haters Beware – this entire post is about how our cat – Fred – is settling into our new place. If you aren’t much of a cat person don’t hate just scan the photos or skip over this post. I promise to be back with running/biking stuff later. Promise. Fred has survived the move! He was very leery in the beginning and with good reason. The last time I tossed all our hanging clothes in baskets and wrapped them in a plastic garbage bag he had to suffer through a 18 hour car ride! This time it was easier…just a few minutes down the road! He still wasn’t happy about it and to show his distain for us he hid under the kitchen sink while we moved everything in. We’d check on him every few trips and he’d just … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Baking up some bribery…

Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: An entire 3.5 miles on an elliptical! Not quite ready for running.Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: Nothing. We are headed back into “get over the cold” mode! What does a person do on a snowy day while waiting for The Husband to drive across a snowy Denver to pick up a Wisconsinite friends from the airport? I probably should have gone for a frolic-like run in the snow but then I would be stinky when they arrived and chances are I’d anger the cold I am trying to hard to conquer. So rather than run I decided to bake. Win-win…win. I killed time. We have lots of fattening food to eat in case the snow picks back up and we are stranded in our apartment. Our apartment is relatively clean and it smells like chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and … [Click Here For the Full Story]