Bear Creek 10 Spot…turned 15K! {PR + Chris’s Recap}

It only took one race to get Chris hooked on running…after the Xterra 5K he was on the hunt for another trail race. Enter the Bear Creek 10 Spot…turned 15K thanks to the residual effects of all the flooding in September. Once again Race Directors had to do a lot of last minute re-routing and once again they pulled it off! These trail RDs rock at life! Start of the Bear Creek 10 Spot, it was a small race…but I’m still proud of my AG finish! We arrived at the park just before 9am, hiked up the hill to the start area, grabbed our bibs and were ready to go. The race started a bit late due to the fact the new last minute course required us to wait for the 5K’ers to get past a certain point. I spent … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Birthday Trail Run

Last week I convinced Paula that a 27 mile birthday run on the Colorado Trail was a good idea! I’m pretty sure she occasionally regretted her decision to join me but the trails were gorgeous, the weather was perfect and we got more downhill than uphill! She even told me a time or two that she didn’t hate me! I’m taking that as a sign of a successful trail run! We met up well before the sun crept over the horizon, left a car at the base of Waterton Canyon then headed up to Buffalo Creek. Chris was kind enough to be our chauffeur and dropped us off at the Little Shaggy/FS 550 Trailhead at 7:15am. We were both fighting annoying, snot-filled head colds so we were all kinds of excited when Chris offered to meet us at the middle … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Getting Stronger…and Smarter

I’ve been doing a lot of mountain talk lately but you can’t blame me…did you see the photos? Unfortunately I have not yet figured out how to swing a life 100% in the mountains so I do return to the land of the living during the week. Luckily I live in an area that has gorgeous views even from town… Green Mountain & Matthew/Winters Park With the 50K race coming up I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible on the trails. Or that is my excuse to drive away from my house rather than run away from my house, no part of me really needs convincing to get out on the trails. I’m pretty sure we are in love with each other – we haven’t even gotten in a fight over a rogue, abusive rock yet! Most … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Back at Buffalo Creek

Last year around this time I was making my way back to Wisconsin with plans to drive up to Fargo for my second full marathon. My redemption marathon. We stopped by Lisa’s farm for a quick tour, met bloggers, I talked my mom into the most humid 5K ever and then I rocked at life at the Fargo Marathon with the last few miles being my strongest. It was an awesome weekend and with all the Fargo Marathon FB notifications I’m kind of jealous and wishing for another marathon…kind of. I get to thinking about a marathon then I go for a run on exhausted legs and realize that maybe it isn’t such a great plan. I’m not writing a marathon off forever…just for now. I have high hopes for another massive PR if I ever run another and that’s … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Sitting is Optional!

Today sitting is optional…and avoided when possible. And if I am sitting, I try to stay sitting as long as possible. Because the act of getting into the sitting position is worse then merely sitting. Why am I being whiny? Sitting is painful. Yesterday, just before Colorado got rain {yes, rain!}, Chris and I headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather…on our mountain bikes. For the first time in, well, a really long time, I got on my bike. Any idea where I’m going with this? After months away from the super comfy bike saddle my butt bones did a great job of surviving…yesterday. Today they are feeling it. Sitting down to pee hurts. Getting in and out of my car hurts. Sitting at my desk hurts. It all hurts Which is why anything involving sitting is optional today. And … [Click Here For the Full Story]