Risking It – Weekend Snowboarding {Keystone}

Yesterday we decided to risk it…we made the drive up to Summit County on a Sunday. If you have ever driven into the mountains on a weekend you know exactly why we’ve been avoiding this for the past two years. Weekend traffic – combined with weekend lift lines – can be absolutely horrible! We figured an early start to the day during the early season would give us an advantage. Turns out this tactic worked out pretty darn well for us! We met Lynne at the Dino Lots at 7:15am and were parked at Keystone by 8:30am. Probably the earliest I’ve ever been in a resort parking lot! Cupcake! And the backside of Keystone…with SNOW! Turns out front row parking and perfectly groomed trails aren’t the only perk to arriving before the lifts start – Keystone was giving out cupcakes! … [Click Here For the Full Story]

It’s been three decades… {Copper Mountain}

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on in my life right now. As in, Denver got a bit of a snowstorm this weekend…finally, enough snow to make it nearly impossible to drive my plastic car on the roads before the snowplows made a few trips! I love snow. It kind of sucks that snow can cancel plans, but we need it, badly! Of course, the snow had to come the same day my mom was flying in! Not exactly what we were planning on, but it worked itself out. I mean, who doesn’t want to hang out at the airport doing homework on the floor near the garbage can while waiting for a plane to slowly make its way up to the gate?! That was me…but only for about 30 minutes – far shorter than the time Mom … [Click Here For the Full Story]

There’s a First Time for… Everything?!

Workout Wanda: A quick, Netflix motivated jaunt on the elliptical – 2.5 miles. Considered lifting but a grunting dude was taking up all the space…all I needed to opt out! They say you have to try everything at least once…so on Friday this snowboarder decided to attempt skiing. I’ve been a snowboarder since before I could drive. I learned on rental boards as a snotty teenager and the I’ll admit that I fit right into the boarder stereotypes. I sat on the top of the hill, acted like a complete tool, ate fries and cheese curds, and hated on skiers. Its what we did… A-basin… January 2007 Breckenridge… January 2010 Turns out that even with all my scorn one of my brothers and my best friend ski. Silly people. We snowboarders dealt with them and even pretended to be their … [Click Here For the Full Story]

“weekend” run down…

Thursday’s Workout Wanda: Four miles of elliptical-ing with Gossip Girl.Friday’s Workout Wanda: About 30 minutes of lifting + snowboarding + skiing. We spent our “weekend” up in Breckenridge and it was actually quite eventful. However, I just ate a massive plate of baked mac and cheese…all I want to do is sit around and not think. Writing requires thinking, so all I’ve got for now is a few photos.. Lara’s first time in Colorado… Ullr Fest Parade in Breckenridge… Snowboarding with Chris… Pasta with pineapple, grapes and bananas + cough syrup… My first time on skis……and I survived! Needless to say it has been a good “weekend” for us…and we still have two days of weekending left. Not sure exactly what we will be doing but it will involve snow, scoping out prairie dogs and mountains! … [Click Here For the Full Story]