#TryingStuff with #OmniTen

Guys…I’m feeling kind of awesome. In my head I’ve always been awesome, the bombdiggity and the best thing that ever happened to the world. I mean, it is my own head, I can think things like that! However, in reality I know that I am just another person running around on trails, playing in the snow and writing about my life for internet strangers to read. But then a package arrived at my door…a big, fancy package from Columbia Sportswear. It was crammed full of winter gear and an invite to be part of the #OmniTen winter team. Heck yes, I jabber about outdoorsy winter fun online just enough to get selected as one of this season’s #OmniTen’ers which is a huge ego stroke. So pumped for this winter! I could not accept the invite fast enough. Yes, please! Molly … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Think Snow!

Guess what? Last Friday we got snow! Okay, so maybe that is old news considering it is now Tuesday, but I have snowy photos to share and we are in full blown snow mode so I’m going to talk about it a few days late! Green Mountain / William F Hayden Park Chris snagged those photos when he headed out for a snowy, muddy run on Friday morning. By the time I left work at 3pm the only evidence of snow was far off on the foothills and mountains. Regardless, our brains kicked into winter mode. I wore boots two days in a row, we pulled out our winter jackets and our credit card started to cry. Every year we throw down the poor, abused piece of plastic to buy season passes. Our first year in Colorado we went with … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Never lose respect… {Loveland Pass Avalanche}

On Monday night when we were running #BostonStrong it wasn’t just about Boston for me. Yes, Boston was the reason I layered up and headed into the blowing snow. The horrible events of last week were the motivation behind the group run. But as I made my way around the lake and as the snow picked up I realized I was running for more than that. I was running off all the frustrations for the long, emotionally draining week. Not just Boston, but West, Texas and Loveland Pass and every other part of the world dealing with tragic, deadly, traumatizing events. ____________________ The official snowboarding season is coming to a close but the snow keeps coming. Unfortunately this late season snow makes for some very dangerous backcountry. To make it even scarier most resorts are closed so backcountry is the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A week in the life…?

Life has been rather normal. At least normal for me. I get caught up in classes and I’m behind at work. I get all my real work done and bam, assignments are due…yesterday. But its been a good week, a good week with lots of schedule rearranging thanks to the weather. Sounds pathetic, but Colorado is having some seasonal identity issues… Sunday A sunny, breezy trail run with Lynne before an afternoon at the bakery café.I rarely have scheduled work hours but when I do its always a beautiful day! Monday Snow day…we didn’t leave the house all day, it was awesome!No cleaning, no cooking, a bit of baking, plenty of snacking and quality Netflix husband time. Tuesday Snowboarding at Winter Park followed by a wet, muddy, snowy run with Chris.Yup, I got Chris to run with me! And he … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Tired Legs!

My legs are tired. Plum worn out! Beat. Shot. Exhausted. Nearly detached. Iced, stretched and rolled. Last week I put them through a string of hard, mid-distance runs then started out this week with lots of resting. That all changed yesterday! In the spirit of fake training for a half marathon I decided I needed to get a long run in. We already had plans to head up to Summit County so I mentally plotted out a trail based upon what I knew of the area. Well, I failed to consider the fact it was winter and the trails were snow covered. …they snowshoed, I ran and all was well until the mostly clear paved trail turned into shin deep snow… Rather than hit double digits at altitude I settled for a solid 3 miles of running and a bit … [Click Here For the Full Story]