Running? What’s that?

Fun Fact…I have not completely forgotten how to run! Which is good, because just recently I threw a fair amount of money at some seriously terrifying race entries! Funny how all motivation and dedication disappears the minute you lose your mind and commit to crazy things! The last 3 weeks have been busy, to say the least, and running was not even kind of a priority for me. First it was a week in Park City with Columbia, then a week of storytelling followed up by my first winter camping experience, then a week of…I have no idea what, but running rarely happened! This week I remembered I have a 50 mile race looming in the not-very-far-off distance. I still haven’t wrapped my mind around the actual distance and I am avoiding the elevation chart as if it may jump off the computer screen and punch me in the face – which it probably should do. On top of that the Quad Rock 50 is described as “challenging” and pacers are not allowed. What was I thinking?! My longest distance … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Life Lately: Zevia, Halloween, BRC

First, Happy November! My birthday month is over…which means it is Chris’s birthday month. I’m okay with that because my birthday month has one more day than his. I’m a one-upper like that. One thing I will never get tired of in Colorado is how amazing the weather is about 98% of the time. It is November and I am running outside in shorts/tanks while driving an hour into the mountains go to snowboarding. Perfect. So incredibly perfect. Also, I’m pretty sure Colorado won the fall color contest this year. Even if it is mostly yellow the colors I’m still seeing here are seriously trumping the little I saw in Wisconsin! And clearly I’m obsessed with the colors! Zevia Smarter Celebrations In non-mountain/color/crazy news I had an opportunity learned how to make some tasty appetizers I would have never even considered attempting to create. The ladies at Zevia spent the last month putting on small events around Denver – the events are completely free of charge and open to anyone, though they are geared toward bloggers. I went to the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Running Lately

There has been a fair amount of running in my life lately. The fun kind where you just go out and enjoy life in your running shoes. Without even trying too hard there has been a solid mix of trails, hills, speed work, distance and racing. Without going into too much boring detail here is a quick recap of the runs that have gone down in the past week or so… Boulder Running Company Speed Work Hill Repeats with Boulder Running Company’s Wednesday Night Group Run Almost every week I manage to show up at the Boulder Running Company for a special form of torture – group speed work. It’s a workout I love to hate. It usually hurts quite a bit while I’m fighting through the workouts but the results have been very obvious in my races this year so I shouldn’t complain. This week we mixed it up with hill repeats, which I actually kind of liked! Impromptu Cherry Creek Reservoir Run I’m all about getting lost in your own head while running but more often than not … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Speed {+Agility} Work at BRC

At exactly 5:48pm this afternoon I shoveled the last spoonful of Marshmallow Matey’s {the funemployed girls Lucky Charms…with twice as many marshmallows!} into my mouth, jumped from the couch and grabbed whatever run clothes I could find. I was going running and I only had 12 minutes to get my act together! Earlier in the day I’d talked myself out of Wednesday’s group work – I ran this morning and had a race on Thursday morning. Plus it was hot out and the couch was comfy. Then I remembered we were demoing Adidas shoes at Boulder Running Company tonight so out the door I went! …my motivators of the run……breakfast at 5:30pm & Adidas ADIOS – world record breaking shoes…. The closer I got to BRC the crazier the traffic got. Not normal at all…maybe there was an accident?! When I pulled into the gigantic BRC parking lot it was nearly full. Weird. As I made my way into the store I noticed masses of people carrying camping chairs and coolers. Huh? Fireworks. Duh. By the way – it is … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Tired Legs!

My legs are tired. Plum worn out! Beat. Shot. Exhausted. Nearly detached. Iced, stretched and rolled. Last week I put them through a string of hard, mid-distance runs then started out this week with lots of resting. That all changed yesterday! In the spirit of fake training for a half marathon I decided I needed to get a long run in. We already had plans to head up to Summit County so I mentally plotted out a trail based upon what I knew of the area. Well, I failed to consider the fact it was winter and the trails were snow covered. …they snowshoed, I ran and all was well until the mostly clear paved trail turned into shin deep snow… Rather than hit double digits at altitude I settled for a solid 3 miles of running and a bit of snowshoeing before heading down to Denver to meet up with the BRC speed work group. A few weeks ago, in a moment of delusion, we all agreed that longer speed work would be a good plan. We failed to … [Click Here For the Full Story]