I hate pink…I swear…

I think it is safe to say that spring has arrived…which means spring boarding is here. This is both freaking fantastic and horribly depressing. Its awesome because a trip up the mountain doesn’t require sixteen layers of clothing just to prevent frost bite. It is rather sucky because most everything is slushy and it takes slush about 0.00293 seconds to melt through the two layers of clothing you do wear! With today’s great weather we had two choices…mountain biking at Buffalo Creek or snowboarding at Keystone. We opted for the latter. Partly because the forest is still being eaten by flames right near Buffalo Creek but mostly because we are 5 days away from hitting 30 days on the mountain this season! Technically Chris is only 4 days away from hitting 30 days but that is because he cheated and … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Streeeeeetch it out!

Workout Wanda: Ran outside for 43:07 minutes. Took me eons to get my butt outside, but I eventually made it out there! Have you ever watched The Office? If so…who am I… turtle neck + sweater + cat = Angela! I got dressed this morning (without the sweater, that was added when I realized that even though it is May the temps won’t be breaking 40!) and the first thing Chris said was “you look just like Angela from The Office”. Yah…I’m married to a computer nerd who has memorized 97% of The Office and apparently that has subconsciously rubbed off on me! I’ve Got Mail! Last week I stumbled upon a link for a free mini book from MyPublisher. All I had to do was “like” them on FB and fork over my email address and I’d get a … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Rain…or not!

Workout Wanda: Outside run for 63:03 with 3 minute intervals…started out rainy, quickly became sunny! I was over dressed but happy to see sun! When I woke up this morning it was raining….again. So rather than head out for an early morning run I spent lots of quality time at Starbucks. Lots and lots of time. Pandora actually asked me twice if I was still listening. I kept checking the weather and it said sun…but not until 3pm, then 5pm, then 7pm….I finally gave up at 6:30 and headed out for a run. It was raining when I headed outside so I went out with long sleeves, gloves and a hat. At least I didn’t have to deal with this… About 5 minutes into the run the rain stopped and the sun came out. Seriously!? I was over dressed but … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Lowes Creek is….OPEN!

Workout Wanda: Outside run of 50:16…it was sunny, I had to wear sunglasses! We have had snow, rain and clouds for the past three days…today we had sun! It is freaking amazing! I know that in a few short weeks I’ll be whining about how hot the sun is, but today the sun is my bestest friend ever! This morning there were clear skies…by this afternoon the clouds had moved in, but the sun was still there! I could actually see the sun…and I needed my sunglasses. It is pretty crazy how quickly the sun pumped up my mood! On my lunch today I drove over the Lowes Creek and check out the single track. I was a little leary – with three days of rain and yuck I was convinced the trails would be muddy. Not the case at … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I’m in mourning…

Workout Wanda: NROLFW S2,W2 (modified for at home lifting) As I was getting dressed this morning I realized that I have been wearing dark colors all week. Gray skirt, black tights, dark sweater, black skirt, deep purple, etc. Rather than change into something more colorful I came to the conclusion that I am in mourning! I’m convinced that winter has kidnapped spring and murdered it…so I am in mourning. Really, that is a pretty logical explanation – it was snowing AGAIN this morning when I woke up. Big, fat, fluffy snowflakes. sluuuuuurrrp! what is this white froo froo stuff?! i haz dandruf… If it was November I would be super excited and dancing around the house for these big fluffy snowflakes…but it is April, almost May, so I am done with the stinking snow! Luckily the weather is looking good … [Click Here For the Full Story]