Strength Training Survival Tactics

I am new to this whole ultra running thing, I’m even a little hesitant to call myself an ultra runner, yet. But I have learned one thing that I’m kind of loving. Apparently in ultra running (and maybe every other form of running?) there is an “off season”. A time to recoup from training plans, a time to run for fun or not at all, a time to eat an entire sheet cake because you’re a runner (maybe not a valid excuse, but I’d accept it) and a time to ramp up for the next onslaught of long training weeks, high mileage runs and “goal races”. In the past I’ve never really proclaimed an off season and I probably haven’t exactly earned this off season but that doesn’t mean I’m not avoiding anything remotely similar to a training plan while … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Hurts so…good?

If you haven’t noticed by my complete lack of running posts…my running has been suffering. I blame the darkness of winter and a work schedule that can’t stay the same two days in a row. Oh, and maybe I’m being a little bit lazy too. Maybe. But its probably the silly sun and this late rising, early setting thing it has going on! With the dark, chilly mornings and the outbreak of crazies in Colorado its incredibly difficult for me to get up early in the morning – especially if the only running I can safely do is on a treadmill. So I haven’t been getting up early. I’ve been sleeping in. And on top of this giving me an excuse to skip workouts its also making me feel rather useless in the morning. Not cool. Luckily I’ve found myself … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Okay, I’ll give it a tri…

Thursday’s Workout Wanda: A walk/run with Chris with exactly 1 mile of running in 9:05. Then I attempted to go swimming – I think I made it 150m without dying!Friday’s Workout Wanda: A combo run/strength workout with 2 miles of running + some swimming to rinse off the sweat for a 210m swim-like flounder. Without the excuse of “lots of miles” and “can’t tire the legs” that came with marathon training I am running out of reasons not to do some strength training. Right now my main reason is “I don’t like it”. So today I decided to mix it up and make my strength training part of my running. I used a workout I saw on Corrie Anne’s post as inspiration… 1/2 mile run25 squats1/2 mile run25 bicycles {sets}1/2 mile run25 high sumos1/2 mile run25 snaking push ups Check … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Guess what…?!

I have exciting news…it is almost the weekend! It has been a long week. I haven’t been busy, I haven’t had extra stress at work, I haven’t gotten a lot of miles it….but even so, the week felt so stinking long! I am ready for Saturday. No alarm (for me at least…), no agenda (aside from a 12 miler…), no work (in the office anyway…). Okay, it seems pretty obvious that I have lots of plans for the weekend, but none of it involves getting up, getting dressed and driving to the office. That is what matters! I spent my morning cleaning out my closet so there was no run. Whoops, but to make up for the missed run I went to the Y on my lunch for NROLFW, S1WBD6. My arms hurt… However, I did manage to figure out … [Click Here For the Full Story]

3.95 miles + lifting

Yay! I’m fast again! At least I was tonight! I ended up with an 8:58 pace! It felt good to actually have good speed going! I almost didn’t head out because I really needed to get 8 miles in, but then I decided that if I go out and run tonight I won’t have quite so much pressure to run Saturday and Sunday. I still plan on getting some mileage in on both days, but now I can really focus mainly on my 18 miler. And I really picked up the pace after my first mile – my first mile was about 9:30-35 mpm. I have no idea what the rest of the mile splits were because I can only ever remember where the 1/2 mile and 1 mile marks are from my house! I also lifted today, and unfortunately … [Click Here For the Full Story]