Tomato Bowl Wrap-up

You just might remember two weeks ago when I posted a gajillion posts with tomato filled recipes…about six on Sunday alone! That was all for the Tomato Bowl, a competition put on my Red Gold Tomatoes between Green Bay bloggers and Pittsburgh bloggers leading up to the Big Game between the Packers and Steelers. Well, Wisconsin won! Recipe Totals: Green Bay – 56 Pittsburgh – 32 There was something about Wisconsin that week that was just plain lucky! The Packers won the Super Bowl and the bloggers swept the Tomato Bowl…boom! With the Tomato Bowl we had a total of twelve bloggers and within just seven days we came up with a grand total of 88 recipes using Red Gold/Red Pack tomatoes! I think that is pretty impressive! Cristy, the coordinator, put together a list of all the recipes…and here … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Cheesy Marinara Dipping Sauce

Alrighty…I am pretty sure I am getting annoying with all these stinking posts about food. I apologize. Please do not hate me or delete me from Google Reader, this is the very last post with recipes for the Tomato Bowl. Promise! Now, I know this post is a borderline pathetic attempt at getting another point for the WI bloggers but Chris made me do it! He did, he just doesn’t know it. While watching the game he made remarks about how the PA bloggers could be piling on the recipes while I was sitting around feeling confident. I decided to take his words seriously. Sundays have become our my unofficial day to meal plan. Of course I took into consideration the amount of canned tomato stuff we currently have in the house…this led to more tomato-y meals in the coming … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Last Minute Corny Salsa of Sorts

After my frantic posting of my last recipe…don’t mind the typos or horrible grammar…I checked my email only to find an email from Cristy (the organizer & referee) stating that there has been a time extension in the Tomato Bowl. We now have until midnight tonight to get all of our Red Gold tomato recipes posted. I wasn’t planning on making more tomato-y foods but the competitor in me kept yelling at me to take advantage of this overtime! So I got to thinking… I have corn. I have an extra can of black beans from Taco Wednesday. I have a few cans of Red Gold tomatoes left. Fine. I’ll make a corny salsa of sorts. I did some searching on and came up with my own variation…this! Corny Salsa of Sorts INGREDIENTS: – 1 can black beans, drained … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Bacon Ranch Dip & Pita Chips

Nothing like cutting it close…this whole competition comes to a close at 5pm and at 4:45pm I am still scrambling to blog up one last recipe! The food is sitting on the kitchen counter calling my name but I have to get this blogged out or it won’t count! Oiy! The pressure. All I want to do is eat, eat, eat now! My last recipe for the Tomato Bowl competition has a bacon ranch dip for homemade pita chips. I have never made many dips – it is just simpler to buy them premade. That may change. This dip is pretty delish! Bacon Ranch Dip INGREDIENTS: – 2 (8oz) packages of cream cheese at room temperature – 6 strips of bacon – 1 can Red Gold petite diced tomatoes, drained – 1 package ranch dressing mix DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Lil’ Cutie Lasagnas

Every since my bestest friendest everest (Stacy, this is you, by the way) sent me a link to a recipe for “petite lasagna” I have been trying to find an excuse to put the extra time into trying it out. Again, the Tomato Bowl gave me an excuse to get creative and wander on outside of my comfort zone. I basically used this recipe from Can You Stay for Dinner? as a reference point. I used my own recipe in terms of the meat and ricotta mixture but the idea of using muffin tins and wonton wrappers from Can You Stay for Dinner?. Lil’ Cutie Lasagna INGREDIENTS: – 12 wonton wraps – 0.5 lb ground meat (I used venison…again) – 0.25 cup drained Red Gold petite diced tomatoes – 0.5 cup Red Gold tomato sauce – sprinkling of onion powder, … [Click Here For the Full Story]