Bear Creek 10 Spot…turned 15K! {PR + Chris’s Recap}

It only took one race to get Chris hooked on running…after the Xterra 5K he was on the hunt for another trail race. Enter the Bear Creek 10 Spot…turned 15K thanks to the residual effects of all the flooding in September. Once again Race Directors had to do a lot of last minute re-routing and once again they pulled it off! These trail RDs rock at life! Start of the Bear Creek 10 Spot, it was a small race…but I’m still proud of my AG finish! We arrived at the park just before 9am, hiked up the hill to the start area, grabbed our bibs and were ready to go. The race started a bit late due to the fact the new last minute course required us to wait for the 5K’ers to get past a certain point. I spent … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Xterra Half Marathon {1st trail race}

The Xterra half marathon has been on my Google Calendar for months before I signed up. My inquires into trail racing started with this race series. Right after the Wild West Relay I started pondering the possibility of running the Xterra full marathon. I told a few too many people of my crazy thoughts and some how I got talked into an every longer race…the 50K I plan on rocking at tomorrow. Initially I was going to just skip this race all together but Chris has been legitimately playing around with running and wasn’t opposed to the idea of a 5K, especially if it were on trails and involved some downhill. Turns out the Xterra race offered a 5K so we both signed up – a 5K for Chris, a half marathon for me. Pre-race photo. Gotta love fall races … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A Forest of Crazy {50K Trail Race}

Its weird how the brain works. All it takes is a few enablers to whole-heartedly support a fleeting idea. Before you know it the seed has been planted and that silly idea is sprouting into a whole damn forest of crazy. Welcome to my brain – a forest of crazy! A few weeks ago I ran the Wild West Relay with a whole team of crazies. They were all incredible runners and as usual failed to mention the misery that goes into hardcore training cycles. Instead they told stories of gorgeous scenery, amazing people and pushing the limits on trails. They made it sound fun. I mean, they even look fun, right?! Days later, while stuck in standstill traffic, I was still thinking about trail running. And racing. If I could pull off personal bests when running on zero sleep … [Click Here For the Full Story]