Sunday Summits [Bear, South Boulder, Green]


#FunFact: weekends are way too short. In case you didn’t already know… And how do you make the most of “way too short” weekends? You pack in as much as you into the hours that you have. Last weekend [like, a week ago, not yesterday…being on top of oversharing is a lot of work!] I headed to Boulder to do just that. I’ve done a good chunk of the Boulder Skyline trails but after four years in Colorado I still had not made my way up to the South Boulder peak…I needed to remedy that! I hit the trail at the base of Fern Canyon at about 8am with a pack full of water and snacks…ready to test out my … Continue reading

Wildflower Running


There is one thing you learn really quickly when you don’t have a lot of time to fit your runs in – you cannot wait for the weather to be “just right”. If it’s 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky…you’re going running. If it looks like rain…you’re still going running. If it is actually pouring raining…you’re still going running. Same goes for your pre/post run fueling and such. Not sure how a Lunchable for breakfast will fuel you’re long run? Let’s find out… [spoiler: it did a great job!] The “perfect time” to go running is always “right now”. Every other motivational post on Instagram will tell you this but in real life, it takes a while to … Continue reading

Happy Trails


My running mojo has been a little lacking lately but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking advantage of the gorgeous Colorado summer weather. It’s been really hot lately so most trail explorations have been in the cooler early morning + late evening hours. And I don’t get out to the actual trails often but late last week I had a few hours to kill after class. Sure, my EMS book would have loved my attention but my brain was fried so I headed to Mt Falcon where I left my brain in the car and just wandered along the trails. The timing was perfect. The heat of the day was dying off, the sun was sinking behind the mountains … Continue reading

Just Go Get Dirty


Here in Colorado we have had a LOT of rainy days and many people have been very vocal about their dislike for this gloomier-than-usual weather. Sure, there is a very good chance that 2015 will fail to delivery the “300 days of sunshine” Coloradoans like to brag about but I’ve been kind of loving the cool days + rainy weather + cloudy runs. The trails have been muddy and, while it does make running tricky, I think mud is fun. And since mud running is about all I’ve done outside lately I’m going to go ahead and talk about muddy running, again! Two weeks ago [which feels like about two months ago!] I hung out at Chautauqua Park in Boulder … Continue reading

Trail Running at Chautauqua Park [Blend 2015]


This coming Friday I’ll be leading a group trail run at the base of the Flatirons in Boulder, CO to kick off the Blend Retreat. I’m kind of excited about this…it’ll be the perfect setting to show off some of Boulder’s trails and get a big bunch of IRL friends + internet strangers together for some Colorado sunshine! While I am the first person to admit I’m no expert on trail running I do have some experience wandering around the Boulder trails and thought it’d be nice to bring together all the questions I’ve gotten about running [and hiking!] the trails from the Chautauqua trailhead. First, before we get into the FAQ part of this I have one simple request … Continue reading