Running the Whole Enchilada Trails


A few weeks [months?] ago there was a discussion about how much more fun training runs are if you make them fun…almost race-like, but without the pressure to perform, just in case things go awry while you’re out on the trail. I stand by this thought process, especially after my Presidents’ Day weekend of “destination training” in Moab on the Whole Enchilada trails. On Saturday morning my alarm went off well before the sun peeked over the horizon and I started the drive toward Moab for a weekend of sandy camping, trail running and bacon eating. We rolled into Moab around 3pm, stopped by the Poison Spider bike shop for a new map and set up camp in the Sand … Continue reading

Snow Day Fun


We got snow! Northern Colorado FINALLY got a decent amount of snow! And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one weirdly excited about it! We’ve gotten snow a few times this year, but no major accumulation [ie: 4+ inches] and I’ve missed nearly every snow day since before Christmas so I was pumped to get outside and play in the snow! There were big plans for a long run on Saturday morning with friends, but they all bailed because roads were supposed to get bad that afternoon [and 20+ mile runs take a LONG time in snow, so roads were a valid concern]. I decided I was still going to head for the trails for a little snowy fun. … Continue reading

What does “bad headspace” mean?!


I feel like the word “headspace” is kicked around a lot with ultra running, especially when people are referring to a “bad headspace”. Over the last year I’ve heard a lot of advice along the lines of “don’t get in a bad headspace”. I got the gist of what they were saying – to me it was ultra runner speak for “keep your head in the game”. However, I absolutely HATED that phrase. It felt insulting and when someone asked if I was in a bad headspace I felt belittled and judged, as if they didn’t trust me to think my own thoughts. A little extreme? Maybe. Turns out it’s all in how you define “bad headspace”! It wasn’t until … Continue reading

Moab Miles


I spent my long weekend [thanks to PTO, not President’s Day] in Moab doing some very sandy car camping, roaming around the trails and re-inventing life with a little help from bacon. I made the trip with a few friends and we had quite the weekend filled with bacon, sand, snow and many, many miles. I even got to put my new Ultimate Direction Fastpack to good use on a 40+ mile trek along The Whole Enchilada trails. Our trek took us from the sandy desert up into the snowy mountains, which meant we had to pack along a lot of gear…and that is exactly why what we originally planned as a trail run became an adventurous trek. I learned … Continue reading

Ramping Up! [AZ200 Update #1]


Sooo…I’ve officially survived my first month of intentional AZ200 training! I am using the term “training” rather loosely as the last month has been a lot of testing my legs + body + brain to see how they’d hold up to higher miles without putting too much pressure on the mileage or terrain or…anything but “get yo’ self out there gurl” type of running. The results? My body is happy! My brain is happy! I might actually survive training + racing! Rather than dig into every single run or tally out every tenth of a mile I want to focus on the overall month of running — partly because that’s boring and partly because that starts to put pressure on … Continue reading