Bear Creek 10 Spot…turned 15K! {PR + Chris’s Recap}

It only took one race to get Chris hooked on running…after the Xterra 5K he was on the hunt for another trail race. Enter the Bear Creek 10 Spot…turned 15K thanks to the residual effects of all the flooding in September. Once again Race Directors had to do a lot of last minute re-routing and once again they pulled it off! These trail RDs rock at life! Start of the Bear Creek 10 Spot, it was a small race…but I’m still proud of my AG finish! We arrived at the park just before 9am, hiked up the hill to the start area, grabbed our bibs and were ready to go. The race started a bit late due to the fact the new last minute course required us to wait for the 5K’ers to get past a certain point. I spent … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Getting Stronger…and Smarter

I’ve been doing a lot of mountain talk lately but you can’t blame me…did you see the photos? Unfortunately I have not yet figured out how to swing a life 100% in the mountains so I do return to the land of the living during the week. Luckily I live in an area that has gorgeous views even from town… Green Mountain & Matthew/Winters Park With the 50K race coming up I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible on the trails. Or that is my excuse to drive away from my house rather than run away from my house, no part of me really needs convincing to get out on the trails. I’m pretty sure we are in love with each other – we haven’t even gotten in a fight over a rogue, abusive rock yet! Most … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Refueling with the Refreshing! {BlendsGiving}

Happy Summer! Yup, it is officially summer time! And thankfully summer has brought us some humidity and even a little rain. On Sunday night it thundered for hours. Not a lot of run but a ton of thunder and lightning. Fred hated it – lots of belly crawling, but I loved it. I love to just listen to the thunder. So much so that I forced Chris to head outside at 8pm just so I could get away from traffic sounds and listen to the rumble of thunder. We went at the perfect time – there were some huge thunder boomers that you could feel in your chest! The weather of the weekend was pretty perfect, at least for what we had planned. On Friday night I met up with some local Denver bloggers for BlendsGiving which is basically a … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Trail Running.

I’m going to give trail running a legit shot…tomorrow. And I am writing this all down for one reason. I need accountability. I have no race to train for so I’ve been spending my mornings sleeping in, not running. My plan is to change that. Tomorrow. …I’ve biked them, now I’ll run them… I have class at 9:30am. The game plan is to get up early, drive in the general direction of some single track and run the trails…before class. Then I’ll spend a two hour class being sweaty and bored out of my mind. But I’ll have my run in. I might be insanely annoyed with my classes and I just may hate my job but I still have running. So a running I will go, consistently. Maybe faster, maybe longer, but mainly on a regular basis! … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Red Rocks & the Beauty of Fall!

Saturday’s Workout Wanda: Exactly 28:10 minutes of running in out and back loops while my mom was walking along the trail. Also pumped out NROLFW 2.A.2.Sunday’s Workout Wanda: About 9 miles of biking along the Bear Creek trails with mom. No running! Well, I skipped out on another day of posting, but I guess that is a good thing as I did mention earlier this week that if my posting lagged off it was because I was spending a ton of quality time with my mom. And that sure is true. I’m dragging her around the state and in the process of it all wearing myself out! Yesterday we stayed in the area and headed out to Red Rocks Amphitheatre to explore a bit. Of course I wasn’t smart enough to park in the upper circle parking lot so I … [Click Here For the Full Story]