A Walk in the Park

This past weekend was spent “back home” in Wisconsin. I planned the weekend for a little family time and bridesmaid dress shopping but had high hopes for Midwesterly fall colors when I realized I’d finally make it home in October. I loved my time with family and had a great time talking weddings but the trees were a tad disappointing. They were way too green for my likings! But a few green leaves were not going to keep us from wandering around in the woods! My mom and I drove down to Illinois for a quick visit with my cousins. The weather held off so we ventured out to a nearby state park in search of fall colors. We didn’t find much orange or red but forest was still quite lively. One of the few things I truly miss about … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Yosemite National Park {Waterfalls + Granite}

The primary purpose of our road trip to California was Sequoia National Park but a trip to Yosemite was a close second. Aside from hearing a lot of people rave about Yosemite I  didn’t know anything about the park. Most national parks have fairly descriptive names. For example, Rocky Mountain National Park is known for its towering mountains, Arches National Park has the red arched rock formations, Sequoia National Park has massive trees, etc. What does the name Yosemite tell you about the park? Not much. Turns out the park is known for its waterfalls and massive granite rocks, not so much for the “those who kill” translation of Yos.se’meti, the Miwok tribe that the park is named after. Day 1: Luken’s Lake & Glacier Point I wasn’t sure what to expect from Yosemite. I’d done the research and planning … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Sequoia National Park–So Big, So Tall

The entire idea of this massive road trip was started by an article about Sequoia National Park that Stacy found in National Geographic so making it our first stop felt right. Getting up early for the drive to the park wasn’t even all that difficult when you had gigantic, ancient trees waiting for you! We had the cameras charged, the windows opened and our peepers peeled for bear sightings before we even got into the park. Stacy had researched her little heart out so she knew exactly what where we needed to go which was great! We did stop by the Visitors Center to check on trail conditions and general park news, but aside for an unwanted but required shuttle ride we had come adequately prepared! …waiting for the shuttle & at the top of Moro Rock… Our first stop … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Freshly Fertilized!

Workout Wanda: Nothing…except lots of hauling boxes, totes and diddling with light fixtures high above my head. I’m exhausted! I’m exhausted because yesterday I spent over 16 hours in the car with Chris and Fred. Trust me, that would tire anyone out! We made the drive from Colorado to Wisconsin on a whim – we had the time and my mom bought a new house that she needed to get moved into! “You’ve got to be kidding me, another car ride?!” Fred had full reign of the car. One back seat was dropped down with is litter box and cat carrier with food and water in the trunk. His catnip fish was stashed in the back seat with his favorite basket dealio. “Are we there yet?!” Fred did surprisingly well for the trip…until we started on our way out of … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Exploring the West…

Umm…Workout Wanda went on vacation! And so did I, kind of. After work week that seemed to go on forever I am now gallivanting around Colorado! Unfortunately I don’t even have a plethora of photos to flaunt – pathetic, I know! I’ve been going, going, going since Monday and I am freaking exhausted! How did I ever survive being a college student – you know, the girl that knew what she was doing and did it all on very little sleep?! Sadly the best [and most] sleep I’ve gotten in the past week was on this bed… It has been a busy week and an even busier weekend! I’ll have more details later this week…hopefully, if all goes well! But not to worry – even with Workout Wanda on vacation my beloved Mizuno’s have gotten some use! That is all … [Click Here For the Full Story]