Swimming is HARD!

Monday’s Workout Wanda: A 45 minute swimming lesson…I didn’t die!Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: Nothing, and I felt very useless because of that!Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: Total of 40 minutes in the pool, 20 in the AM + 20 in the PM. Also ran 35 minutes with my run group doing 15 minutes of intervals, half barefoot. I have an announcement to make. Swimming is hard. I don’t care what who says, it is freaking difficult. I’m not afraid of being in the water. I’m not afraid of drowning. Well, I would be afraid of drowning if I were in a murky lake, but I’m a pool with life guards. Actually if I were in a murky lake my biggest concern would be some lake monster that wasn’t yet discovered. I’d be the first human it took and then my death would be … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Okay, I’ll give it a tri…

Thursday’s Workout Wanda: A walk/run with Chris with exactly 1 mile of running in 9:05. Then I attempted to go swimming – I think I made it 150m without dying!Friday’s Workout Wanda: A combo run/strength workout with 2 miles of running + some swimming to rinse off the sweat for a 210m swim-like flounder. Without the excuse of “lots of miles” and “can’t tire the legs” that came with marathon training I am running out of reasons not to do some strength training. Right now my main reason is “I don’t like it”. So today I decided to mix it up and make my strength training part of my running. I used a workout I saw on Corrie Anne’s post as inspiration… 1/2 mile run25 squats1/2 mile run25 bicycles {sets}1/2 mile run25 high sumos1/2 mile run25 snaking push ups Check … [Click Here For the Full Story]