Drop Your Drawers 5K {PR!}

Short Story I ran a 5K on Friday evening with Lynne and Amy. I wanted to actually race it but wasn’t convinced I’d be happy with my time…I sucked it up and tried to run fast. I did run fast. Too fast in the first mile, as per usual. That made mile 2 and 3 feel horrible, also to be expected. But I survived and I PR’ed! Again! We celebrated by staring at zoo animals. It was a good night. Long Story As you may have guessed about my “Hiking with Friends…and Sunscreen” post my friend – Amy – is in town visiting. No one is allowed to have a nice, relaxing vacation when they visit us. We plan all sorts of stuff and make them get outside. We hiked and trail ran on Thursday but that wasn’t enough. On … [Click Here For the Full Story]


I had this post started last week. I had grand plans to post it last Monday…but then life happened. Rather than spending the week going about our usual work schedules, skipping out on Thanksgiving traditions and heading up into the mountains for snowboarding we made an unscheduled trip back to Wisconsin. But for all the wrong reasons. While we were able to be home for Thanksgiving it wasn’t for happy reasons. We made the 17 hour drive to spend time with family and to share stories about and memories of Chris’s grandmother who passed away last week. In short, it kind of sucked. At least the premise behind our visit sucked. However, we were able to spend a few days with family we don’t get to see very often. For example, we got to meet my nephew for the first … [Click Here For the Full Story]