I’m frustrated. Extremely annoyed. Completely over technology. Which is a bit of a problem considering I’m a few weeks into classes that involve nothing but computers. My computer hates me. I hate it right back. Needless to say we do not have a very functional relationship. At the moment it is sitting in the corner, turned off and being ignored. I’ve high jacked Chris’s computer, which is much more friendly. Stupid technology… I’m also a little let down. By technology, obviously, but mostly by my legs. And by my complete lack of mental perseverance. This past Saturday I woke up at 7:15am swearing at my inability to “snooze” my alarm. I’d managed to turn it off completely and briefly rolled over with plans to just forget about making it to the 7:30am run group. Then I grew a pair, tugged … [Click Here For the Full Story]

New Years Eve Virtual 5K {+2mi} Recap

Friday’s Workout Wanda: Rest day…and a boring one at that!Saturday’s Workout Wanda: A total of 5.33 miles in 49:14 or 9:14 pace. I am sitting here on the couch with a bowl of cereal for my supper. Which seems oddly appropriate considering my day started out with a bowl of penne pasta topped with dressing, cheese, ham and goldfish crackers. Not sure which makes me weirder – pasta for breakfast or the fact I topped the pasta as if it were salad greens. But enough about food – onto running…or the weather, which directly effects running! At about 4am this morning I was woke up by howling wind and the upstairs neighbor’s patio furniture getting blown around their balcony. I immediately started worrying about the run I had scheduled for the day…that makes me a real runner, right?! We ventured … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Xmas Virtual 5K Race Recap

Sunday’s Workout Wanda: An outside, snowy run of 3.1 miles in 30:42, a pace of 9:54.Monday’s Workout Wanda: An identical snowy run of 3.1 miles in 30:21, a pace of 9:47. Yesterday afternoon I headed out with a goal to run my 3.1 miles for the Christmas Virtual 5K race and I made it…I didn’t exactly love it at first but I made it. At first I just wasn’t feeling it until I randomly veered off the main trail to do some off-roading… The trails were lumpy and a little slick but they were rather well traveled so running was manageable. The hardest part was avoiding all the dog poop… Dear Dog Owners, Just because there is snow does not mean you can just let your dog poo all willy nilly because when the snow melts it still gets stuck … [Click Here For the Full Story]