Liberty Run 4 Miler …my poor legs!

On Tuesday morning I found out there were team bibs available for the Liberty Run at Washington Park, a four mile race on July 4th. By Tuesday night I successfully talked myself into the race. Come Thursday morning I was regretting my decision. Ninety percent of the population had the day off and were sleeping in. I was getting up to an alarm and heading out into Colorado “humidity” to run a 4 mile race. I was a little jealous of everyone still sleeping – including Chris and Fred who had taken over the entire bed before I even left the house. Walking down the stairs to get from the apartment to the car made me regret my decision even more – my legs were exhausted! I’ve been trying to incorporate my strength training into my life and DOMS has … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I blame the geese…

I ran 7.5 miles today…on accident! Well, maybe not on accident since I was knowingly moving my legs in a running motion but it definitely wasn’t my plan for the day. In a nutshell, I blame the damn Canadian geese that have taken up residence in Wash Park! I have been eyeballing a few races in the coming months. I haven’t committed to anything beyond a 10K but considering how ridiculously spontaneous my runs have been even looking at a long-ish distance race in the next month or two should be considered grossly irresponsible. In an effort to become a slightly more responsible running I’ve been paying a bit more attention to my runs in terms of time and distance. This week I had an internal goal of getting in a long run that lasted at least an hour. Whether … [Click Here For the Full Story]