A peaceful blanket…

We got a fair amount of snow this week. Our first real snow of the season…and so far its sticking around. It makes me happy! I’m sure this will change with the 60+ temps coming up next week but for now can we just take in the beauty of fresh snow?! On Thursday morning we woke up to lots of snow so Jim, Becky and I decided to go exploring on a few local trails while Chris got his beauty rest. There is something so peaceful about a fresh snow. I seriously need to remember this the next time it snows…it’s a great reason to get outside and run early in the morning! I truly love snow. Spring flowers are pretty, summer heat is stifling and fall colors are stunning but in my eyes snow is so refreshingly gorgeous. It … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Okay, I’ll give it a tri…

Thursday’s Workout Wanda: A walk/run with Chris with exactly 1 mile of running in 9:05. Then I attempted to go swimming – I think I made it 150m without dying!Friday’s Workout Wanda: A combo run/strength workout with 2 miles of running + some swimming to rinse off the sweat for a 210m swim-like flounder. Without the excuse of “lots of miles” and “can’t tire the legs” that came with marathon training I am running out of reasons not to do some strength training. Right now my main reason is “I don’t like it”. So today I decided to mix it up and make my strength training part of my running. I used a workout I saw on Corrie Anne’s post as inspiration… 1/2 mile run25 squats1/2 mile run25 bicycles {sets}1/2 mile run25 high sumos1/2 mile run25 snaking push ups Check … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Sun Day Run Day

Workout Wanda: All of 3.01 miles outside on paved, snowy trails in 28:14 – pace of 9:24. Due to the fact I spent the early part of the week slacking off and “resting” I headed out for a run today. Partly because it was needed to keep my training on track and partly because I really wanted to go explore the snowy trails! Unlike in Wisconsin the trails are almost immediately cleared after a big snow storm here in Colorado – heck, the trails are clear before all the side roads are! The fact the sun immediately comes out and begins melting everything probably helps! The sun was out in full force and even though the thermometer reads right around freezing I headed out in capris, a long sleeve plus a light jacket and was actually toasty on my run! … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A Ragamuffin Hunting Shoes!

After yesterday’s lifting and running I spent all day today suffering from some serious DOMS. My abs hurt, my glutes hurt, my inner thighs hurt, my biceps hurt…and it became pretty obvious that not only do I seriously lack motivation I am also a big wimp! I spent so much time whining about my aches that Chris started calling me a ragamuffin. Meanie! So rather than actually workout today we opted to head out on random tour of the Denver Metro. We literally drove about 70 miles around the Denver area doing our own little version of “errands”. We had two goals in mind…new running shoes for me and cold weather running/biking tights for Chris. By the end of the day we were about 75% successful. Chris has new leggings and I have some shoes on their way to a … [Click Here For the Full Story]