Screw Your Shoes [DIY Traction]


Guess what?! Winter is here…and it’s here to stay for a while. Unless you live in the south [or some other mythical place, you poor thing] where winter doesn’t include snow and ice you’re waging a daily war with the weather. Are the trails snow packed? Are the sidewalks sheets of ice? Is it even safe to drive to work, let alone run for the fun of it? If you’re busy living in the “winter wonderland” of snow and ice you have three options when it comes to running – giving up on running until spring arrives, running on the treadmill or risking it outside. Personally, I prefer the risking it outside option [primarily because I really like donuts and ice cream…and despise the treadmill] so that’s what I’ve been doing – running outside. The downside of outdoor running in the winter? Falling on my ass or breaking my teeth when the ice gets the best of me. My solution that has kept me away from this fate so far? Screws in my shoes. Yup, plain old sheet metal screws … [Click Here For the Full Story]

It snowed!

It snowed. It snowed! IT SNOWED! Not very much, only a few inches. But it snowed! And I was – and am – all kinds of excited. I was in class all day Monday and on my lunch break I was outside in jeans and a t-shirt. It was warm, sunny and gorgeous. A bit like the new “typical” January day in Denver. When I left the building at 4pm I saw snow! Only about 3 snowflakes fluttering around, but snow! Still a pretty typical winter day in Denver…sun and snow! By the time I got home it was snowing. Legitimately snowing! I had to use my windshield wipers and everything. This all got a little exciting when my passenger side wiper detached itself 4 miles from home, but I survived! Stupid windshield wipers, they hate me! Chris’s car’s wipers hated me this morning too! As soon as I got into the house I went into full blown annoying girl mode – I wanted to go outside in the snow! I was already decked out in boots so all I … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Frozen Finger Tips

Friday’s Workout Wanda: Rest and ice the janked up ankle.Saturday’s Workout Wanda: Outside run of 3.65 miles in 35:14, pace of 9:39.Sunday’s Workout Wanda: Long run of 11.05 miles with moving time of 1:51:11, pace of 10:04! Saturday’s Run… I almost didn’t run on Saturday. Almost. But then I read about 18 posts in my Reader about everyone out running in memory of Sherry Arnold. I put on my running clothes and headed outside! I may not have known Sherry and I normally avoid all the emotional stuff but all the talk of people running in her memory made me move…so for that, I thank you Sherry! …what I saw from my window vs. what really was…totally worth the layers to get outside & enjoy the *real* scenery, wasn’t icy at all! This run gave me a chance to test out my ankle after its mishap with a chunk of frozen snow and I was a little worried so I zig zagged around on trail near home. I figured this would be safer because I could hobble home if need … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Xmas Virtual 5K Race Recap

Sunday’s Workout Wanda: An outside, snowy run of 3.1 miles in 30:42, a pace of 9:54.Monday’s Workout Wanda: An identical snowy run of 3.1 miles in 30:21, a pace of 9:47. Yesterday afternoon I headed out with a goal to run my 3.1 miles for the Christmas Virtual 5K race and I made it…I didn’t exactly love it at first but I made it. At first I just wasn’t feeling it until I randomly veered off the main trail to do some off-roading… The trails were lumpy and a little slick but they were rather well traveled so running was manageable. The hardest part was avoiding all the dog poop… Dear Dog Owners, Just because there is snow does not mean you can just let your dog poo all willy nilly because when the snow melts it still gets stuck in shoes. I can handle this on the single track trails but on the main trails? Please, my new shoes don’t like being attacked with keys to detach frozen poop! Yours Truly, Preferably a Poop-Free Runner I finished up my … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Layer Up Lady!

Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: A total of 1.3 miles on the TM in 12:16/9:26mpm.Thursday’s Workout Wanda: About 2 untimed miles to pick up hamburger buns…efficient! For us Thursday is technically our Saturday and my Saturday turned out to be crazy productive for me! I managed to… – do laundry– organize and reorganize photos– get CO car insurance– visit the dentist and get fillings– retest and pass emissions test– verify VIN on my car– make lunch and dinner– bake cookies– wash dishes three times– blog {or not, I fell asleep half way through this post!} I was feeling all kinds of productive and on top of things! Then I realized I still had some running to do. This Run December Challenge with Tall Mom on the Run is going to make December a very long month…! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lately I’ve been spending most of my time running tiny short distances on the treadmill but on occasion I get myself outside for a chilly run in the snow. This requires some layering and in my book that means I need lots of bright colors … [Click Here For the Full Story]