Just Be

Well, we survived our first hut trip! Not only did we survive, we had fun…and just might do it again some time! At the moment I’m playing catch up with life. Let’s just say being completely disconnected was amazing! We got to “just be” for three whole days. No worries about emails or blogging or doing laundry or eating or anything. We played cards, jumped in the snow and made one hell of a sled luge! It was fabulous! If only I could put my phone on “airplane mode” and use it solely for relatively good quality photos every week. I think this would be a pretty great way to use that time… …the hike in… …the hut… …snowshoe hike, just for fun… …slow, powdery snowboarding… …extreme sledding… …the hike out… In short, it was fan-freaking-awesome-tastic! The weather was fantastic, … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Quality time…in the mountains!

Things are looking…up? I want to say organized but that would be a complete lie. However, some areas of life are a bit more organized! And the lasagna is at least layered together and hanging out in the freezer just a short 90 minutes away from consumption! Our apartment before I attempted to organize… …not even kind of pictured, it was terrifying. Our living after I organized all the gear… …I divided the TV stand up……mine, ours, his… The packs almost set to go… …his pack, my pack and the bag of stuff we’ll need at the hotel/while hiking… In the coming week or two it is safe to say that my internet presence is going to be minimal. And for good reasons! We’ll be tromping around the mountains with just snowshoes, the pack on our backs and a bunch … [Click Here For the Full Story]

February Rain…brings March Blizzards?!

In case you haven’t noticed through all of my “we have no snow” whining I’ll say it again. The Denver area is low on snow. As in, we haven’t had a big snow yet this season. But that isn’t to say we haven’t had any snow. But I’ll get to that. For now lets talk running, not weather. Or let’s reference the weather while talking about running. Man, I’m boring with all this weather talk! __________________________________ This past Wednesday I spent the majority of my day holed up in the campus computer lab making myself crazy. Ever try learning how to efficiently and gracefully use the pen tool in Illustrator?! I’m determined to get good at it, eventually. Maybe. We had to complete a maze with the pen tool…enough said! To avoid completely losing my mind I talked myself into … [Click Here For the Full Story]

New toys…er, gear!

In less than two weeks we will be headed on our first legit backpacking trip…which just so happens to be in the middle of the winter. Sure, we’ve hiked day trips before but nothing over night. Might as well jump right in! We will be hiking up to on of the 10th Mountain Division Huts with a bunch of other crazies. We’re a little excited! We also realized we are a little unprepared in the gear department! Anyone who says camping/hiking/backpacking is cheap is a liar! Sure, once you have all the gear camping is cheap. However, getting all the gear is not cheap! Holy crap. So we are borrowing, interwebz deal shopping and craigslisting our hearts out! …boots from The Clymb, snowshoes from Craiglist… So far the only gear we’ve added to our list is winter boots and snowshoes. … [Click Here For the Full Story]

No lift lines!

Turns out Monday is an even better day to go boarding than a Thursday! We headed up to Copper on Monday and were greeted with a parking spot 20 steps from the entrance and non-existent lift lines! More importantly, a bowl finally opened! Yes! Finally! There was only one run that wasn’t over run with moguls and rather than being covered in powder there were scattered rocks and tree tops. Definitely not perfect, but it looked to have a lot of potential… At least it was a gorgeous day! …view from the top of the Resolution and Super Bee lifts at Copper… To make the day worth the drive we took the long way home…looping through Keystone and up Loveland Pass. Last year when we had season passes for Keystone we drove over Loveland Pass every week, but we haven’t … [Click Here For the Full Story]