My new “work”out!

I have not been out on a run since my super awesome run on Saturday evening. I could blame day light savings {I ran at 5:30…it is now dark at 5:30!} and my fear of having a less than super awesome run but that would be a lie – well, the day light savings part, I really am a little afraid my next run won’t be quite so amazing. But really, my excuse for bailing on runs and skipping any for of lifting is because I have a new workout, whether I want it or not! My new work out is my job. And no, I’m not kidding and I’m not being crazy. This is how the last three days of my life have gone…   …wake up to a blaring alarm at 3:34am, snooze for 9-18 minutes all the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Green & Gold Friday.

Just in case you don’t know the Packers play the Bears on Sunday. I live in Wisconsin…I work with Packer fans…we had a Packer Friday at work today! Basically this means we all got to bring food into work and dress in green and gold. We Wisconsinites are simple like that. I’m not much of one to follow football but I do know that Monday will be a sad day at work if the Packers lose…we have a lot of Packer fans in the office! Like I said…not much of a football follower here but I do own my some green…                                31days:31outfits Day 5 – Grey leggings (Rue 21) – Black tights – Jean Skirt (Paris Blue) – White Long Sleeve (Mossimo) – Yellow & Green Tanks (Old Navy) – Awesome sauce scarf! I was feeling a little … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A very l o n g week…then Christmas!

I had a VERY long week at work…even though it was only four days long it felt like about fifteen. Gah! I don’t know what my deal was but I was being an overly emotional girly girl. It all started on Sunday afternoon. Our hermit crabs have been left in their cage for quite some time so I thought I would be nice and take Floyd out so he could see the world. The last time he had been out to really visit the world was when he was crawling around my desk at work a few weeks ago. “If only I could be a blogger…” Obviously it was a slower night at work. I managed to entertain myself by letting a crab scamper around my desk… “You think these sunglasses will keep me caged in?!” Yay, that went great … [Click Here For the Full Story]

PSA: Foreign Chocolate

If you work in the travel industry and a co-worker brings chocolate back from an international trip proceed with caution. Especially if they are still sitting around after a week or so. Let me explain why. Just over a week ago one of my co-workers brought a box of chocolates from her Mediterranean trip. Talk around the department told me these chocolates had bourbon or some sort of liquor in them. I’ve had chocolate with a type of alcohol in the name before and it didn’t make me think of liquor while eating it. I quickly learned chocolate was different. It was a Saturday, I was stuck at work for a few hours, it wasn’t exactly busy… I happened to walk by these chocolates and thought “what the heck” and grabbed one. I unwrapped it and popped it into my mouth. I learned a few … [Click Here For the Full Story]